An increasing number of Belgians on the College of Luxembourg: 400 are registered there

Per Anne-Sophie Gerouville | Published on 06/22/2022 at 05:31 The University of the Grand Duchy will celebrate its 20th anniversary. A very international university, there are more and more Belgians. A new branch in specialized nursing and general care nursing will open in 2023 and 2024. ************** ********** * ***** ******** ** ***** ** * … Read more

The Worldwide College Hospital Mohammed VI takes inventory

One year after the start of activities at the International University Hospital Mohammed VI (HUIM6), the health facility is today one of the most efficient national and regional health infrastructures. HUIM6 exceeded its goals, both in terms of offering quality care, in its contribution to the fight against Covid-19, and in establishing a health ecosystem … Read more

“In France, there’s the concept that the Bible is a matter for the church buildings and never for college schooling”

The cross : You held the chair of “biblical foundations” at the Collège de France for almost fifteen years. How do you see the relationship of the French with the Bible? Thomas Romer : When I arrived at the Collège de France, it was the first time that the word Bible appeared in the title … Read more