Quebec is filled with coroners

I Josee Bedard. Source: LinkedIn There are thus no less than eight lawyers and notaries to be appointed medical examiners by the Council of Ministers. All eight are reappointed part-time coroners. I Josee Bedard is a notary, legal advisor and professor of personal and probate law at Josée Bédard in Quebec. She … Read more

Budding Richard Wagners

Nawal Sassi. Source: LinkedIn There are twenty, or at least one person for each of the law schools in the country: the organization Pro Bono Students of Canada (EPBC), founded in 1996 in Toronto, announced the winners of the Ricardo Wagner. This award, launched in 2020, recognizes the contribution of student volunteers … Read more

Six legal professionals appointed by the Council of Ministers

I Marie Helene Gauthier. Source: LinkedIn The Council of Ministers loves lawyers: it has just made six appointments from among the members of the Bar Association. Me first Maria Helena Gauthier he was appointed interim president of the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE). She was until now the vice president. The … Read more

A have a look at regulation faculties

Teacher Maya Cachecho. Source: University of Montreal website Do you know the latest news from your alma mater ? They are fine here… University of Montreal Three professors at the Faculty of Law have won three grants worth $30,000 from the Fondation du Barreau du Québec as part of a call for … Read more

Loss of life of a famend professor and researcher

Pierre Lemieux is no longer… Source: Université Laval The teacher and researcher Pierre Lemieux died at age 71. Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Law at Laval University, Pierre Lemieux has played an important role from an academic and professional point of view, particularly in administrative law. Pierre Lemieux was a professor … Read more