European Union/United States Council of Commerce and Know-how – Paris Saclay (15-16.05.22)

Summary The next meeting of the “Council on Trade and Technology” between the European Union and the United States will take place on May 16, 2022 in Paris-Saclay. Created in June 2021, this discussion platform between the United States and the European Union aims to structure transatlantic cooperation in technology, economics and trade. The first … Read more

“In France, there’s the concept that the Bible is a matter for the church buildings and never for college schooling”

The cross : You held the chair of “biblical foundations” at the Collège de France for almost fifteen years. How do you see the relationship of the French with the Bible? Thomas Romer : When I arrived at the Collège de France, it was the first time that the word Bible appeared in the title … Read more