In Burkina Faso, haute couture meets international standards

Published on : 04/19/2022 – 00:15 In Burkina Faso, designers and couturiers are benefiting from government support to bring themselves up to par with the international market. Stylist Sébastien Bazemo has therefore received support from the Culture and Tourism Development Fund to train his teams. In total, the Creative Industries Support Program received 11 billion … Read more

Congo-Brazzaville: Cement back on the market, but at a hefty price

Published on : 04.08.2022 – 00:32 Cement sourcing in Congo-Brazzaville had become a real problem in recent months due to technical breakdowns at two of the country’s three cement factories. They have just resumed their activities. But cement has seen its price rise. Faced with consumer anger, the government says it is working to stabilize … Read more