In Burkina Faso, haute couture meets international standards

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In Burkina Faso, designers and couturiers are benefiting from government support to bring themselves up to par with the international market. Stylist Sébastien Bazemo has therefore received support from the Culture and Tourism Development Fund to train his teams. In total, the Creative Industries Support Program received 11 billion CFA francs this year for 74 supported cultural projects. This program is co-financed by the European Union, the State of Burkina Faso, the African Cultural Fund and Swiss Cooperation.

From our correspondent in Ouagadougou,

For a month, the designers of the house of Sébastien Bazemo benefited from a training in European haute couture. Grégoire Lavri is workshop manager. ” We used to work freehand “, he explains. ” Which was a bit difficult. If you work freehand, traces are created. And there she came (the trainer, ed.) to show us the usefulness of patronage at work. »

The training dealt with the requirements of new international fashion trends, according to Rose Bombo, model maker and fashion designer, who traveled from Paris for the occasion. “ The aim is to enable African fashion designers to sell internationally says Rose Bombo. “ But African clothing is always approximate because we sew a little randomly. Let’s put ourselves on the international scale. This scale is neither French nor Burkinabe nor Cameroonian, it represents the magnitudes of human morphology. First, let’s respect the style. And that’s how I worked with them. »

“It was important to know the standards and to respect them”

According to the stylist Sébastien Bazemo, it was the conquest of the international market that motivated the choice of this module for this training. ” I don’t think we’ll have the size issues we’ve had. The customer often says to you: “Size forty, here is large while in another it is small“. We have problems. It was important for us to know and respect the standards », claims Sebastien Bazemo.

For the implementation of this project, the designer received financial support from the Culture and Tourism Development Fund. For this first call, 74 projects were funded with an amount of 1.2 billion CFA francs.

The fund was set up to develop the economic dimension of culture and tourism »,explains Alphonse Tougouma, Director General of the Culture and Tourism Development Fund. Because you know it’s an industry with great potential. It can create jobs and reduce inequalities. These are sectors that should not be neglected in a dynamic of economic and social development.. »

For the second phase, 100 projects will be selected and financed with a budget of more than 2 billion CFA francs.

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