After the tornadoes, a dry storm “Mud Bowl” crossed the central United States

Less than a week lateroutbreak giant tornadoes on Friday, December 10th, another impressive phenomenon crossed the central United States: a powder bowldry storm with gusts of over 170 km/h. The presence of a low pressure system, associated with the WarmWarm record that lasts since the beginning of December in part of the United States, contributed … Read more

america reveals its military of 2030

The tactics and military strategy of the American army will undergo a profound revolution in the coming years. On the battlefields of the future, the US Army will deploy large ultra-connected, multi-weapon units. Virtual reality and simulations will provide soldiers with operational experiences while limiting costs and risks. For its communication, the US military regularly … Read more

Younger Athletes: American Universities Need You!

To attract sports students, American universities do not hesitate to offer scholarships that cover half or even all of the tuition fees. Among those elected, young French. Could you be a part of it? Monumental stadiums, training rooms open 24 hours a day, golf courses, Olympic swimming pools, dozens of tennis courts… On American campuses, … Read more

Research in the USA: College students know the situations for accessing universities

Uncle Sam’s country is closer to that of honest men. On the occasion of International Education Week, the American Embassy in Burkina Faso organized, on November 18, 2015, at the Hotel Silmandé, an information session on studying in the United States. Students and future graduates were also given the opportunity to become familiar with American … Read more

Learning in Canada: high quality of life and “American type” universities

Canada, particularly Quebec, has been a popular destination for French students for a long time. There is quality education, organized on the same model as in the United States, but with more limited costs. Presentation taken from the book “Leave to study abroad” by Sophie Collet. Each year, approximately 16,000 young French people go to … Read more

Main Scientists Be a part of Forces to Examine Main Principle Behind Lengthy COVID

The effort, known as the Long Covid Disease Research Initiative, aims to streamline research and move quickly to clinical trials of potential treatments. By sharing diverse skills and resources, the group hopes to discover the scientific basis of the disease and use it to design evidence-based tests. Long COVID is a complex, poorly understood and … Read more

Research in the USA: observe the information!

Like more than 8,000 French students each year, you’ve decided to live the “American dream” on a campus on the other side of the Atlantic. How to choose the university that suits you? How to finance the stay? How to apply, step by step? We take stock. Campuses with huge lawns, beautiful Victorian buildings, exuberant … Read more

College course in the USA

How to get your bachelor’s degree at an American university? In the United States, nearly 70% of young people enteruniversity After high school. Some describe this experience as the best time of their lives. However, between the nights of fraternities and the american football gamesstudents have to work hard to get their college degreethe famous … Read more

Find out how to Get a Bachelor’s Diploma within the USA on the Finest American Universities

There are 3,000 French people who leave every year to do the accessible baccalaureate right after the baccalaureate. Because there are courses for all profiles. And scholarships can help fund tuition. Going to study at an American university, ranked among the best in the world, is the dream of many French people. But there are … Read more