New governance to rescue Canadian sport

I tried to see if there was a common thread in the hundreds of abuses of all kinds that have erupted in various sports across the country in recent years. The list is starting to get long. Rather than pointing the finger at anyone, I want to suggest a possible solution. Of course, there is … Read more

Within the UK, Penny Mordaunt, the opposite candidate for 10 Downing Avenue

The resignation of British Prime Minister Liz Truss on 20 October 2022 triggered a new Conservative Party internal vote to nominate a successor before 28 October. A vote that is interrupted on October 24, since the candidate Penny Mordaunt, current Minister of Relations with Parliament, did not get the necessary sponsorship from the deputies. It … Read more

Is Binance a Strolling Time Bomb?

The collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange has given a lot of traction to the mill of cryptocurrency detractors. The American economist Nouriel Roubini is one of them. In recent years, he has been very critical of the industry, indicating that most of it is Ponzi schemes. He recently made some harsh comments about Abu … Read more

Did Binance Willfully Trigger FTX to Go Bankrupt?

British authorities are conducting investigations to understand what led to the collapse of the FTX exchange. To do this, British parliamentary committee members asked Binance to provide some internal documents. It seems that they suspect that the cryptocurrency exchange is not transparently cooperating with them. Bloomberg reported the information on November 17, 2022. Binance allegedly … Read more

Offshore wind farms may hurt seabirds, however scientists see potential for a internet optimistic impression

The development of offshore wind energy is growing globally, with the potential to be an important source of clean renewable energy. However, offshore wind farms pose significant risks to seabirds and other marine animals. A new study by UC Santa Cruz scientists outlines a framework for addressing the impacts of offshore wind farms on seabird … Read more

5 good causes to check remotely!

During the confinements, all students had to follow their distance learning🇧🇷 A novelty for many of them, which required a new organization and a pace of work different from face-to-face classes. Today, even though the health situation has almost returned to normal, many students want to continue their training in this way. study remotely allows … Read more

A White Paper on Cryptocurrency Regulation within the UK

Crypto company Ripple has a growing presence in the UK. According to Ripple’s head of public policy, this is good, but there are challenges. 🇧🇷PIn order to be able to operate here as efficiently as possible, in order to continue to grow our business, it is important to know what the regulatory framework is like.”🇧🇷 … Read more

First wild bison born within the UK in hundreds of years

Last July, three female bison were reintroduced to a reserve in Kent, UK, thousands of years after their species became extinct in the region. One of them was pregnant, which park officials didn’t know. The European bison (Bison bonasus Linnaeus) is a cousin of the American bison. Very common in prehistory, the species almost went … Read more