France ought to examine a medium-term different to SCAF –

To say that the SCAF’s new-generation combat aircraft program, which brings together France, Germany and Spain, is now in decline would be an understatement. After several episodes of tension over the industrial division between Paris, Berlin and Madrid, the program is now suspended in the face of the impossible agreement that Germany and Airbus Defense … Read more

research Jupiter and three of its moons up shut

If JUICE is so interested in Jupiter’s moons, it’s because “ the scientific community believes they are likely to harbor oceans below their surface. An essential element for the emergence of life, water is one of the components that make Earth so special, so the study of Jupiter’s moons promises to be fascinating! “, explains … Read more

Research in Eire: the entire information

Studying in Ireland today means pursuing a quality university course and improving your English in a friendly, multicultural environment. Ireland is an increasingly popular destination for students. This small European country welcomes more international students each year. It is estimated that almost a quarter of students at Irish universities are foreigners. After Brexit, there is … Read more

The College of Ottawa will assess your skill to supply research solely in French

The University of Ottawa will assess in the coming months whether its programs subject to the French Language Services Act actually allow francophones attending the establishment to study entirely in the language, in the prescribed order and time frame. As part of report writing Francophonie Renewal at the University of Ottawa: A Collective Responsibilitywho notably … Read more

Ukraine-Russia Battle: Why So Many African and Indian College students Had been within the Nation

March 3, 2022 photo credit, AFP image subtitle, African students were among the visas entering Poland from Ukraine. The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused a mass exodus of civilians, including thousands of international students from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Ukraine was home to more than 76,000 foreign students, according to 2020 government data. … Read more