Worldwide college students in Canada will be capable of work extra

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Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, announced on October 7 that the 20-hour week work restriction for international students will be lifted beginning November 15, 2022 and through the end of 2023.

He also stated “This means that over 500,000 international students who are already here in Canada will be able to work more if they wish. 🇧🇷

An announcement that has generated positive feedback from international students, as well as the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, who applaud this change. They mention in particular an opportunity to expand their professional experience and increase their income while studying.

Overcome manpower shortages

A measure that also has an economic and social objective, as it aims to combat the labor shortage that Canada has been facing since the pandemic. “This change will give a boost to thousands of employers in sectors facing the most severe labor shortages. announced Mr. Fraser.

This shortage is caused, on the one hand, by the aging of the active population and, on the other, by the sharp increase in vacancies since the pandemic. The results of a study carried out by the National Bureau of Statistics of Canada show that the sectors most affected by this shortage are services, in particular accommodation and catering. Indeed, these sectors predict a shortage of 63.8% in the last 3 months of 2022, while vacancies would increase in parallel by more than 18%.

Working in Canada as an International Student: Real Potential

This act is essential for Canada, which will see its currently scarce labor sectors benefit from an additional and more active workforce.

On the other hand, going to study and work in Canada is a real opportunity for French students who want to acquire new professional experiences and improve their English skills.

“As the preferred destination for international students, we will continue to ensure that international students gain valuable Canadian work experience while serving the needs of our businesses and communities across the country. says Mr. Fraser.

A pilot project to facilitate study permit applications

Following this measure, Mr. Faser also referred to a project aimed at automating the processing of requests for the extension of study permits. At the moment, this idea would only apply to a small part of the applicants, in order to improve customer service. However, if this project succeeds, it would be offered to more people, both reducing delays and giving greater focus to complex requests.

“This will help us reduce our processing times and delays and provide students with the service they expect and deserve. 🇧🇷

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