The invention of a salt “heating” battery to eliminate fuel and remedy the power disaster

The war between Russia and Ukraine led to a significant increase in gas prices. In recent times, prices have broken a new record in the markets. The increasingly heavy bills are beginning to seriously weigh on household budgets. This invention developed by Dutch scientists at Eindhoven University of Technology may be able to alleviate this gas-related problem. These researchers have developed a domestic, ecological and compact thermal battery that works with water and salt. The purpose of this solution: to provide energy to meet domestic needs.

A salt and water based thermal battery

If the thermal battery is innovative, the technology on which it is based is quite old. To understand how it works, you should already know that the mixture of water and salt generates heat, the salt crystals being soaked. This principle can also go in the opposite direction, as when adding heat to salt, water evaporates. In this case, the crystals are very dry in storing thermal energy in them🇧🇷 This process can be repeated indefinitely, thus creating the base of the thermal battery. Olaf Adamprofessor at the Eindhoven University of Technology, even specifies that “as long as there is no water in salt, heat will always be stored theresays the website Thanks to that, the battery is therefore lossless, different from other types of storage. This interesting feature allows you to accumulate energy to use it later.

A simple concept of operation, but not so simple to achieve

Explained, the theoretical concept of the thermal battery seems very simple, but when it comes to applying it, it is something completely different, according to Olaf Adan. The development of this material required a good dozen years of study. During the research, the research teams had to study all possibilities of chemical reactions of salt with water. There are, however, thousands of them. Scientists have finally managed to opt for the potassium carbonate as a base🇧🇷 This type of salt best meets the characteristics needed to operate cyclically within the system. And, in addition to choosing the saline material to use, the team also had to go through the design of the device that knew how to exploit the technology used.

A thermal battery based on salt and water. Photo credit: Vincent van den Hoogen

tests for this year

Testing of this technology is planned for this year in several countries, including France, Poland and the Netherlands. If the test is positive, Professor Adan says millions of homes will finally be able to go without gas in the near future. However, while they are optimistic about the effectiveness of their solution, these Dutch researchers remain grounded. Olaf Adan recognizes that no matter how great a project’s potential is, the chances of success are not always 100% guaranteed.

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