Younger Athletes: American Universities Need You!

To attract sports students, American universities do not hesitate to offer scholarships that cover half or even all of the tuition fees. Among those elected, young French. Could you be a part of it?

Monumental stadiums, training rooms open 24 hours a day, golf courses, Olympic swimming pools, dozens of tennis courts… On American campuses, the facilities are enough to make any athletic student die of envy.

It must be said that these universities take competition seriously. Intercampi championships awaken passions. The university’s reputation goes through this! Also, most American stars like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Shaquille O’Neal or Jesse Owens come from college sports.

Scholarships that pay all tuition fees

That is why universities do not hesitate to offer sports students golden bridges by paying for their studies. Every year, a hundred French people take advantage of it.

University of North Carolina Stadium

“Some make it scholarships covering 100% of study costs, including accommodation, food, materials, travel🇧🇷 Others benefit from coverage of 40% or 60% of costs, which is still very significant”, says Benoit Matival, founder of Overboarder, an agency that annually sends around forty young French people to the USA.

Four hours of sport a day, plus classes

Once admitted, students of the sport – known as “athletes” – train every day (maximum 4 hours). They are also students like the others, with a dozen hours a week in the subject they have chosen. “It’s a very intense pace, you have to prepare for it”says Prisca, 19, who is studying economics at Community College in Colby, Kansas, and is active in track and field.

However, everything is done so that students can combine sports and studies. Everyone lives and trains on campus. 🇧🇷Schedules are made-to-measure, coaches and teachers are in contact with each other to manage any absences. Athletes form a real community”, guarantees Lionel Cremers, director of Sportif Consulting, another agency specialized in sending athletes to the USA.

For the French, a departmental level in sport required

United States - Young athletes - priscaTo apply, the main thing is to have a good level of sport, with practice several times a week🇧🇷 “In tennis, you have to be ranked 5/6. In golf, handicap 5. In athletics or swimming, in the national top 50 in your category”, illustrates Benoit Matival, from Overboarder. “For football, a CFA or CFA 2 level or honorary division will work,” comments Lionel Cremers.

School reports are also taken into account. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is mandatory. Your file must also include your results in the TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Testing) and, if you apply right after your BA, the SAT (Test of English and Mathematics). The most prestigious universities demand the highest scores.

“In the ES terminal, I had good results, but even so I thought the level of English for the SAT was high. I was lost. I didn’t have a good grade, but even so I was hospitalized in several establishments”, recalls Prisca (on the left in the photo above) , passed by Overboader agency. Your community college covers 100% of your tuition. “That’s the advantage of going through an agency, which is in charge of sending my application to as many establishments as possible”, says Prisca. For their services, the two mentioned agencies charge around €3,000.

Equivalences with French diplomas

If you started your studies in France, American universities recognize diplomas by equivalence. This is what benefited Brice, who studied a year at Paris-2 (Assas), while playing tennis (he was rated -2/6). He won, via OverBoarder, a scholarship covering 80% of his tuition ($36,000/year) to Charleston College in South Carolina, where he entered as a 2nd year. 🇧🇷I participate in tournaments in Florida, Virginia, Louisiana… I study economics, finance and learn English. It’s an incredible experience,” he said.

United States - Young athletes - Brice - tennis

Brice, French student at Charleston College

For the future, Brice and Prisca are on the same wavelength: after studying, they intend to step into sports. No professionalization in sight: sport was a way for them to enter an American university almost free of charge and study in a different way.t. With your diploma, your command of English combined with the discipline of high-level sport, there is no doubt that your profiles will attract the attention of recruiters!

3 tips if you try the adventure
– Start your procedures 6-9 months before departure (two classes start in September and January).
– Revise your English thoroughly to maximize your TOEFL test score.
– Contact an agency that will contact as many universities as possible for you.

agencies to leave
About ten agencies can take care of the formalities within the framework of such a study stay in the United States. Here are some.
Study the conditions and advantages they offer.
– Athletes from the USA
– Athletics partner
-Calvin Thomas
– EduSportUSA
– ISP Gym (tennis only)
– Overboarder – Sports Consulting
– University Elite Athletes USA

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