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Yes you can! If you’re tempted by an adventure across the Atlantic, go for it! But before you pack your bags, you should prepare well for your stay in the United States. It’s up to each one to find the right formula according to their age, education level, professional project… There is necessarily one that is made for you. College, university, high school… which institution to choose if you want study in USA 🇧🇷 What if I don’t have enough level, if I only have a few months? So many questions one needs to look into for a successful stay.

Study in the US at a university

So you dream of doing some or all of your studies in New York or Los Angeles? 🇧🇷 It is possible and even easyassures Isabelle Maman, director of Enjoy Study USA, the registration office of universities and stays in the United Statesand more particularly in California and Los Angeles. “For each profile, there is a formula. From the age of 16, young people can participate in a summer sessionthat is, integrating the benches of the famous university UCLA Los Angeles for a summer, for example »🇧🇷

How to study in the US after a bachelor’s degree?

Once you get your baccalaureate, an interesting solution isgap year🇧🇷 “The “gap year” is relevant, because it constitutes a moment of reflection before starting a course in higher education. Parcoursup offers this option and remains open for two years”. Another option, once you have obtained your bachelor’s degree in France. “We enroll students at Santa Monica College (SMC) or California State University Northridge (CSUN) in particular”, to complete his first year of bachelor’s degree in the United States. Generalist, this first year allows those who want to try different subjects in addition to their degree subjects (business, science, engineering, cinema, etc.), before a specialization in the second year. “It is also possible enroll in a secondary school and pass a american baccalaureate high school diploma, adds Isabelle Maman. Requests from students who wish to go to USA after bac+2 minimumbeing more numerous, the offers adapted. “If you choose the UCLA Los Angeles extensionpoints Isabelle Maman, you can take advantage of a 3- to 18-month degree program and internships with companies. UCLA ext. offers state professional diplomas “Certified Professional Diplomas” in more than 50 areas of study. These diplomas are aimed at anyone who wants to make their CV more attractive by adding a American university degree with international experience and excellent reputation from UCLA ext. Another example: California State University Northridge CSUN in Los Angeles offers opportunities for students who want to pursue a master’s or an MBA. 🇧🇷

What level of English to study in the United States?

Is your level of English an obstacle for your trip to the United States? ” Absolutely notstresses the director of Enjoy Study USA. If necessary, you can take an English preparatory course for 3 to 6 months before enrolling in the university. 🇧🇷 Therefore, it is not essential to be bilingual to be able to go out. Especially since there’s no better way to learn English than to go to an English-speaking country for an academic year (or more).

Budget, scholarship and financial aid

Budget shouldn’t be an obstacle either: “There are really accessible educational opportunities. Some universities play the game and offer tailor-made formulas for foreign students. 🇧🇷 Also remember to find out, you can benefit from a stock Exchange🇧🇷

Going to the US for a Language Stay

Today, France is a country where students do not master English orally and in writing well enough by the time they leave high school. Therefore, it is interesting to provide a stay in the language since adolescence. A first immersion that can take different forms, the best known being the “one to one” which provides accommodation with a host family or a themed stay (sports, artistic activities, etc.). A fun way to prepare for future studies in the United States.

Choose the best formula, before or after the bachelor’s degree

Before choose an agency with anyone going to the US for a study or language stay, make sure you organize information meetings. A coaching service (in order to provide advice before departure but also during the stay) is sometimes offered by some agencies. To discover.

How to go to study or work in the United States?

Practical Guide:

I want to study in the USA Do you want to visit American universities and ask questions about courses, study and admission conditions, life there… See you at Studyrama’s International Training and Career Fairs!

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