Research in Canada for Algerians: that are the most affordable universities?

Canada is a dream destination for a large number of students across the world, especially in Algeria. The reasons are many, but the abundance of job offers after graduation and the quality of education remain the most important reasons for most of them.

However, studying in Canada remains an out-of-the-way dream for many students, as studying in Canada requires a lot of money, especially to pay university tuition.

What are these cheaper establishments?

The following list is made up of 10 French-speaking universities across Canada that offer lower fees compared to other universities in the country:

Simon Fraser University

  • School fee: Between $3,900 and $29,400
  • City : vancouver
  • Region: british columbia
  • Rating in Canada: 4
  • World ranking: 76

University of Moncton

  • School fee: Between $5,800 and $17,300
  • City : Edmundston
  • Region: New Brunswick
  • Rating in Canada: 48
  • World ranking: 1693

University of San Boniface

  • School fee: Up to $8,700
  • City : winnipeg
  • Region: manitoba
  • Rating in Canada: 79
  • World ranking: 5447

University of St. Anne

  • School fee: Up to $11,000
  • City : church point
  • Region: Nova Scotia
  • Rating in Canada: 82
  • World ranking: 1563

university of alberta

  • School fee: Between $11,200 and $29,500
  • City : Edmonton
  • Region: alberta
  • Rating in Canada: 5
  • World ranking: 90

sudbury university

  • School fee: Between $11,800 and $15,600
  • Region: ontario
  • City : sudbury
  • Rating in Canada: 100
  • World ranking: 11140

laurentine university

  • School fee: Between $12,900 and $25,900
  • Region: ontario
  • City : Frederickton
  • Rating in Canada: 41
  • World ranking: 1402

university of ottawa

  • School fee: Between $16,300 and $36,100
  • Region: ontario
  • City : ottawa
  • Rating in Canada: 14
  • World ranking: 200

Laval University

  • School fee: Between $16,100 and $20,400
  • Region: Québec
  • City : Québec
  • Rating in Canada: 12
  • World ranking: 188

concord university

  • School fee: Between $12,100 and $26,600
  • City : montreal
  • Region: Québec
  • Rating in Canada: 17
  • World ranking: 273

It should be noted that the prices of these universities will be valid until the winter session of 2023, which will be the last session in which these prices will be applicable to foreign students. Because, according to the Quebec Ministry of the Interior, the cost of studying will have to drop, which could considerably reduce the burden of international students.

Fall 2023: A significant reduction in tuition fees

As of September 2023, an exemption from additional fees will be granted to foreign students enrolled in a college or university located outside the territory of the Metropolitan Community of Montreal, according to the Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity.

To benefit from this exemption, students must follow a study program in French in the job sectors identified as a priority by the Government of Quebec, namely: information technology, health and social services, engineering, educational childcare and education.

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