Methods to do a niche 12 months overseas?

Between two years of study or after graduation, more and more students take a gap year. Year that can be done abroad, in the form of academic exchange, internship or civic service, whether or not you remain a student during this period.

Taking a gap year while studying is a tempting option. During this period, the student can temporarily suspend training to live an associative or professional experience, to do civic service, to learn a language… in France and abroad.

A gap year differs from an exchange year in that you are not required to study during this period🇧🇷 You therefore extend your training by one year on your return. But good news, for those who want to fly to other horizons, it is quite possible to take a break abroad. Conditions depend on your status.

Study abroad during your gap year

If you take a break during your studies, through your university or school, this will be supervised. You retain student status year-round. To go abroad you will have to make a classic request by contacting your establishment’s international relations office to obtain approval for the chosen destination. Be careful to do this well in advance (six months or a year in advance) because the caesura must start at the same time as the caesura. beginning of a university semester🇧🇷

You can therefore do a hyphenation to take courses at an institution abroad🇧🇷 This may allow you to discover another area. At the University of Paris Nanterre, for example, the “EDUC” clause allows university students to leave for a semester or twoto study a subject other than your degree, at four partner universities (in Germany, Sardinia, Czech Republic or Hungary).

At ESC Clermont, the gap year between the second and third years is also aimed at completing a semester or year abroad at a partner university to obtain “a dual competency or a certificate in other areas”🇧🇷

Have professional experience abroad with student status

In addition to study mobility, it is also possible to do an internship abroad, but not more than six months per academic year. Students can also send a entrepreneurial project🇧🇷 go to work Where volunteer abroaddoing a VIE (International Volunteering in a Company)…

In all cases, you will have to present a detailed project to your faculty : form to be filled out, CV, letter of motivation, letter of commitment from the host entity, specify the course and the desired university, present proof of acceptance as a “student-entrepreneur” in the case of a business project…

You should also know that universities can refuse hyphenation if not sufficiently prepared or if the host country is considered dangerous to the student’s safety.

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A gap abroad without student status

But you can also take a gap year without being enrolled in a French institution. This departure abroad will then necessarily be more professional than academic🇧🇷 There are therefore several devices to achieve this type of mobility.

The OFAJ (French-German Youth Office), for example, offers an extracurricular internship, the PRAXES. “As a training organization, he legally accompanies you (bilingual internship agreement) and pedagogically to carry out an internship outside the school or university curriculum of one to six months”, specifies the office.

Local missions can also issue internship contracts up to thirteen weeks thanks to the Erasmus + OUAT program (Italy, Spain, Portugal and Malta), if you are under 26 years old. The internship is unpaid, but transport and accommodation are covered.

finally, the international civic service it also allows young people between the ages of 16 and 25, without qualification requirements, to carry out an internment mission of six to twelve months abroad, subject to compensation of around 600 euros.

This one gap year will therefore be at your expense and without student status you will not be able to maintain CROUS scholarships. You should also know that no places are reserved for you at the start of the next school year, as is the case during a supervised gap year. Therefore, plan your new registration in advance.

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