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For the vast majority of Tunisian students, continuing their studies abroad or at least doing an exchange program is considered a great advantage, if not a necessity for their professional and personal development. But this approach is usually very expensive and requires a lot of mobilization from the student and his family… However, getting a scholarship is not an easy task. It is a project that requires investment of time and effort, patience and good preparation. Nabeul University of Leaders has thought of its students. Thus, on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, in Nabeul, a cooperation agreement was signed with the American University of Oakland, with a view to promoting university cooperation between the two institutions.

Under the terms of this agreement, signed by Foued Daghfous, Director General of Leaders University of Nabeul and Ph.D. Louay Chamra, Dean of the Oakland University of Computer Science and Engineering, the two parties undertake to promote the exchange of researchers and master’s students and carry out joint research activities.

Foued Daghfous, Director General of the University of Leaders of Nabeul highlighted that this is a great event that elevates the University of Leaders of Nabeul among Tunisian universities with international influence. Tunisian students will be able to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to benefit from Oakland University’s quality and reputation to pursue master’s programs. In the USA, master’s programs belong to the “Postgraduate” cycle of American degrees. In general, the first university cycle lasts four years in the United States, the second cycle takes one to three years, instead of two years in Tunisia. This feature presents a major disadvantage for Tunisian students who cannot apply directly to an American master’s program after obtaining their license (Bac +3).

a double degree

And to add “It is thanks to the Agreement for an American Semester Abroad Program (ASAP) and the University Cooperation Agreement that will be signed between Oakland University (OU) and Leaders University of Nabeul (LUN), that LUN students will be able to enroll directly in the Master 2 and will benefit from several advantages, including a first year of the master’s instead of two years, a stipend of 1000 dollars per month, an 80% reduction for winners during registration and 50% for the rest, a subsidy school internship, a 3-year work contract with an American company and a double diploma, Tunisian and American, which constitutes, above all, for graduates, an added value that allows them to open up to various opportunities and a high-level career, including on an international scale .

The Ph.D. Louay Chamra, Dean of the Oakland University of Computer Science and Engineering said that this memorandum of understanding aims to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries and build bridges of cooperation between Tunisian and American academic institutions in scientific and technological research, as well as to develop joint research in priority areas for both universities
On the occasion, Louay Chamra highlighted the importance of this memorandum to boost bilateral cooperation relations in the field of scientific research and innovation, promoting closer ties between the academic institutions of both countries, the exchange of expertise, as well as encouraging the mobility of students and investigators.

The Doctor. Chamra indicated that this initiative is an opportunity to develop joint scientific research programs in areas of common interest, such as IT, management and marketing. The agreement thus favors the acceptance of students from Leaders University, namely at Master’s level, and encourages collaboration in terms of research and teaching.

Marouane Kessentini, head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Oakland University, emphasized the originality of this new form of cooperation with an American university that has a doubly beneficial effect, for the student and for Tunisia. Immersion in an academic course internationally recognized for its quality allows, in fact, the development of important transversal skills, and facilitates the creation of links that favor international exchanges. Tunisia ensures, for its part, the return to the country of students who acquired new skills and abilities, strengthening their employability. This agreement will allow Tunisian students at Leaders University to apply for US scholarships to pursue their master’s degree in the United States.

By following this dual degree course, the Tunisian student will be immersed in another culture and open to another way of life, another way of studying and learning. This openness is essential today for a future engineer called to work in an international context.

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