Worldwide exchanges: reorientation to Europe for ESSCA

Each new school year brings something new. ESSCA has just announced some strong innovations, which illustrate the dynamism of our leading French-made business schools. Reference should be made to the opening of two new sites, in Spain and Luxembourg. There is a strong move towards Europe in most of the Great Schools in view of the difficulties that persist in China and the constraints that persist in some countries. The crisis reinforced a more international approach safe in Europe, as institutions such as ESCP BS, EM Normandie and TBS have already done, which will soon open its campus in Barcelona.

After the Covid-19 crisis, are international student exchanges making a comeback?

Clear. Areas like China are certainly still problematic, but at the beginning of the 2022 school year, we were able to resume exchanges in practically all the areas we initially covered. It was time to reintroduce students to the international mobility dynamic that continues to be the DNA of great business schools. Today, we still have to be prepared to face new tensions and offer local alternatives or immersive experiences that immerse young people in international universes.

You’ve shifted your focus back to Europe due, in particular, to health or geopolitical crises. How does this materialize?

We expect a reorientation in the European Union in the next two years. Initially, we planned to establish ourselves in North America. We are deferring to a next plan. We believe that it is more stable to reorient Europe due to the geopolitical environment. On the one hand, Europe is the Bologna area, the ECTS credits that allow the recognition of a diploma at European level. It is also the eurozone, its relative financial stability of member countries and its Schengen area. Finally, it allows approaching the international student experience in a more optimal way in terms of carbon footprint. We therefore decided to create a campus in Malaga, Spain, by 2023, a very dynamic city, and to open a new office in Luxembourg, this great platform for finance, banking and insurance in Europe. 🇧🇷 In addition, we chose to increase our dedicated commitment to CSR and corporate social responsibility issues.

The search for meaning has become essential, isn’t it just a “fashion”?

CSR is an extremely broad topic. We prefer to talk about change and adapted pedagogy to lead our graduates to be actors of this change in the companies or organizations where they will be hired. This involves very concrete things at the school with a vision around sustainable development, but also an intellectual opening of our students over the 5 years of the course to understand global and social issues such as social openness, inclusion, fight against discrimination. All these dimensions help to give meaning to your training.

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