5 good causes to check remotely!

During the confinements, all students had to follow their distance learning🇧🇷 A novelty for many of them, which required a new organization and a pace of work different from face-to-face classes. Today, even though the health situation has almost returned to normal, many students want to continue their training in this way. study remotely allows you to follow online courses, video conferences, all from home or finally from anywhere in the world. For those who like to travel or cannot attend the school of their choice, distance learning is mandatory.

Even if studying at a distance requires a certain organization and concentration, to avoid spending hours on the couch, distance learning has a large number of advantages. zoom in 5 good reasons to study remotely!

1 – Learn at your own pace

Depending on the distance courses, some require a sustained pace with specific schedules, such as face-to-face courses. However, most people who study remotely can access their courses anytime of the day and from anywhere.

By choosing distance learning, you benefit from a day-to-day flexibility, allowing you to work beyond training or do other activities. In addition, distance learning allows gain time daily, in particular avoiding public transport or car travel. Whether you prefer to learn at night or early in the morning, you are free to organize your days.

2 – Choose the workout of your dreams

There is one large training catalog From a distance. With the countless possibilities at your disposal, you will be able to follow the training that really interests you, without having to leave your loved ones or change your habits.

If the training you want is for example in RĂ©union, you can follow it from a distance, without having to travel and start a new life. More and more schools and organizations internationally offer distance learning to train students in the four corners of the world. You will be able to enter the best schools in France and abroad.

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3 – Study from anywhere

Integration into a new school often involves change. When choosing to study remotely, switching is not mandatory. If you want to stay in the city where you are now, no problem. Since the courses are online, you have no physical obligation to go to school. Whether you live in France or abroad, you won’t have no restrictions studying.

If your goal is to travel while training, it doesn’t matter! To study remotely, you only need an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone. Once equipped, you can travel around the world while training in the area that interests you.

4 – Work in addition to learning!

Taking a distance course is open to everyone. Whether you are already employed in a company, unemployed or simply a student, you can follow this type of training. So you have the opportunity to work, while following the training of your choice. That way, you can keep your current schedule and build study time into it.

If you want to create your business in parallel with your distance studies, you will have more time to dedicate to this mission, and plan your days depending on your priorities.

5 – Obtain a recognized diploma

Distance learning has similar advantages to face-to-face training. So, once your training is complete, you benefit from a state recognized degree, and therefore with more credit in the labor market. For example, Colégio Digital allows obtaining a diploma recognized by the State Bac +3 to Bac +6, with dynamic and interactive content.

Finally, studying online can be daunting, especially in terms of isolation and limited interactions. When taking the online training, you will be accompanied in a personalized way throughout your course by a tutor, but also by other students with whom you can exchange regularly. If some are in the same city as you, now is the time to meet them!

Take advantage of distance learning with Colégio Digital!

In this sense, digital college is a school that allows many students to study remotely each year. In addition to its many campuses in Paris La DĂ©fense, Lyon, Reunion and Casablanca, Digital College offers a digital campus. The latter allows all students to live the Digital College experience, but from a distance! Among the programs available in marketing and digital communication, we can mention the Bachelor 3 Digital Marketing and Social Media, the Ms2 Digital Communication and E-Influence or the MBA International digital project management.

in total 15 distance learning courses are offered, from bachelor’s to MBA. ColĂ©gio Digital’s advisors listen to each student and support them individually in their professionalization project. Another advantage: some courses can be taken on a work-study basis.

Choosing to study remotely is a decision that requires reflection. Following remote training allows you to avoid sometimes long trips or even a move. In addition to this practical aspect, distance learning has a whole list of advantages and allows you to develop your soft skills such as communication, time management or organization. When studying remotely, you are on your own and it is up to you to manage your learning. In the curriculum, this type of profile is interesting and emphasizes your autonomy and learning strength.

If you are looking for distance education, find all the information about Colégio Digital on its page dedicated to the school!

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