Research overseas: is the visa software a should?

As with your passport, obtaining a study visa may be mandatory for your mobility. It all depends on the country you want to go to. Whatever happens, don’t wait until the last moment to act.

This is a document that will be very useful if you decide to do part of your course abroad. Unlike the passport which primarily certifies your nationality, the visa must justify their stay, for a longer or shorter period, in foreign territory. It is for this reason that it is sometimes mandatory.

No visa required to travel to Europe

A distinction must be made between mobility within and outside Europe. In fact, if you’re a French national and you’re going to one of the 26 countries in the Schengen area, you don’t need to take any steps. Regardless of the length of your stay, no visa is required., as well as your passport. A valid identity card is sufficient.

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A visa required outside Europe

On the other hand, things are different if you go outside Europe. In some countries like Australia, Japan, most Latin American countries (Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, etc.), South Africa or Morocco, a visa is required only for stays longer than 90 days, that is, longer than three months.

In other countries, such as Russia, China or the United States, it is obligatory regardless of the duration of your mobility. Canada goes one step further: in addition to your Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), you will need to apply for a study permit🇧🇷 With the health crisis, this study permit has become mandatory, regardless of the length of your stay. Previously, this permit was only required for students wishing to reside in Canada for more than six months.

Go directly to the websites of the embassies of the country in question to find out the steps to follow. Your establishment’s international relations department will also be able to assist you, if necessary.

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apply for a visa

For any visa application, you must contact the consulate of the country in question🇧🇷 You will then have to fill out a file (usually accessible online) adding some supporting documents (passport photos, reason for travel, copy of your passport, etc.). You will also have to pay administrative costs. Depending on the country, a visa can cost up to several hundred euros.

Some destinations also require a certificate of registration in your future establishment. Your application can therefore be made from three to six months before your departure. Once your file is complete, you will need to make an appointment at the consulate🇧🇷 You will receive your visa after a few weeks.

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