Research Overseas: Getting ready for Submit-Baccalaureate

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Studying abroad, at least in part, has become a classic schooling step for young high school graduates. The advantages can be numerous, whether at an academic level with added value in the variety of classes, by mastering a new language or even at a personal level with valuable human development. If experience is no longer rare, a departure for an education abroad is prepared well in advance of the baccalaureate exam and several options are available to applicants.

Enroll directly in an establishment abroad after the bachelor’s degree

If the bachelor degree it is a purely French diploma, however it is recognized in many countries and can open the doors of a higher education institution outside FrancešŸ‡§šŸ‡· However, the recycle bin may not be enough.

Indeed, the first step in the process leading to a international schooling post BAC it’s about reaching the country you’re targeting and learning about how its school system works. As a candidate for integration into a foreign establishment, you’ll be up against competitors who already speak the national language and whose academic record matches the country’s standard. it will be up to you make your file attractive knowing the selection criteria of the establishments of your choice. In some countries, entry into university or in school it is conditioned on the one hand by their academic results (in secondary school but also possibly in an entrance exam) but also by joining associations or practicing extracurricular activities such as music, art or sport.

Depending on the destination country, you may have the opportunity to enroll in different universities and schools without limitation (Canada, for example) or be restricted due to your foreign status. You will then have to take care of the procedures relating to any visa Where required permissions per to study in your new host countryšŸ‡§šŸ‡·

Choose one international school curriculum by subscribing directly to a establishment abroad it certainly is laborious in administrative procedures, but it allows you to follow all your training in the host country or to control the duration freely. This will give you a better chance of find a job locally once schooling is completed.

Be careful, some school systems are not as affordable as French university courses and will require a significant investment of up to tens of thousands of euros for a complete education (Canada, UKUSA, South KoreašŸ‡§šŸ‡·

It is advisable to start the process well in advance. In fact, although the baccalaureate is recognized in many countries, a overseas application will often require an official translation of their diplomas and exam scores, as well as other administrative procedures such as a official language exam (the best known is the TOEFL for English) attesting to your ability to follow classes in a language that is not your own. Don’t hesitate to ask for letters of recommendation from your former professors, if possible, to consolidate your file.

Participate in an exchange abroad program offered by a French school

The simplest and most classic way to track part of your education abroad under the most secure and financially advantageous conditions is university exchangešŸ‡§šŸ‡· Over the years, bilateral agreements between higher education institutions (and not just universities) have multiplied to allow french students benefit from a Experience abroad under the best conditions. Thus, it is possible to choose your French study institution according to a international mobility project that a student would have for the future.

This strategy has the advantage of ensuring a lower cost output, most of the time avoiding the french student having to pay a very expensive registration fee in your host country, benefiting from the classes taught.

Be aware though, the selection of candidates is done on file and will require significant involvement to maintain satisfactory and competitive results to be able to go to the country of your choice. In addition, the duration of the exchange will be limited in time and will rarely exceed one year.

Choose a school that offers exchange abroad from the first year

If a record directly in school abroad it’s impossible for you but you still want to do an exchange since the first year after baccalaureate it’s still possible. Establishments that offer to send you abroad as soon as you finish high school are rare, but they do exist, mainly for in Normandy or EM Strasbourg Business School and his BA in International Relations.

Choose one internationally oriented career path will increase your chances of being able to track down some of your study abroad thanks to your school.

Enroll in a language study program after your bachelor’s degree

While you don’t necessarily plan to pursue language studies, it’s quite possible that you’ll take a so-called gap year between high school and the start of higher education. ONE gap year does not mean “holiday” so it would be very profitable for you go abroad to learn a language, in particular at a school or academy designed for this purpose, integrating you into your host country (and why not give a student work to maximize use of the language).

Note that depending on your destinyenrolling in a language institute, although not necessarily issuing a state diploma, can cost several thousand euros per semester and require the application for a special visa, so it is important to calculate your budget well and plan your departure, again, with enough advance notice.

In France there are organisms who organize with or for you, a stay in the language tailored to your expectations and abilities and will free you from some of the administrative procedures.

the advantage of post-baccalaureate language staysin addition to providing a greater command of a language, it is to allow the student to mature his future project and choose more carefully his future path of studies.

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