France, third finest nation in Europe to review in line with research

Posted on Feb 21, 2018 at 2:33 pm

Should we see this as a sign of improvement in higher education in France? A study has just placed France in 3rd place in the ranking of the most attractive European countries for international students. Taking into account three criteria, including the quality of education (45% of the total), student cost of living (30%) and also life and career prospects (25%), the second study by the group (based in Hamburg, Germany), notes that France is rising and gaining ground compared to 2017.

Even surpassing the Netherlands, France is behind the United Kingdom (2nd) and Germany (1st), which lead the ranking as last year.

France, a good student in terms of education and cost of studies

In detail, France obtains its best results in the “Education” category. The indicator is calculated from the performance of universities in international rankings (QS, Times Higher Education, Shanghai), the quality of teaching or the number of bachelors and masters taught in English. By weighing these elements, France rises to 4th place in this sub-ranking dominated by the United Kingdom and Germany.

Although France does not appear in the top 10 most affordable European countries in terms of study costs, it occupies a creditable 11th place in a category dominated by Eastern European countries. According to a study by the group, a student in France spends on average just over 10,000 euros a year.

Dropout in the “Life and Career” category

On the other hand, the big black point of the study for France concerns life and career prospects. Based on an indicator calculated from the unemployment rate of young graduates, the United Nations study on measuring happiness and security, France drops out of the top 10.

A list where insularity seems to be a recipe since the podium is made up of the United Kingdom (1st), Ireland (2nd) and Iceland (3rd).

The secrets of the main duo’s success

For the German-based group, the system across the Rhine offers an “unbeatable combination of world-class universities with a tuition-free public university system”. Results that allow you to attract many international students.

The United Kingdom, in second place in the ranking, leads the categories “Education” (1st) and “Life and Career” (1st), but loses leadership due to the “prohibitive” costs of living and tuition of students. They are also the highest in Europe (30th place, with 23,000 euros per year on average).

It is also worth mentioning the entry into the ranking of Poland, which can be proud of having an affordable cost of living and of seeing its results progress in terms of the quality of teaching. Result: the number of foreign students increased from “12,000 to 65,000 in the last ten years”, explains the study.

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