Finding out within the UK, even after Brexit, is feasible! -British Council Tribune

Far from being reduced to the Oxbridge cluster (Oxford and Cambridge universities), British universities as a whole remain among the most popular with French students.
At the British Council, the UK’s educational exchange agency, it is our mission to inform students about the opportunities available to them in the UK. Brexit recently brought some changes, but rest assured: Studying in the UK, even after Brexit, is possible!
With the launch of UK of the European Union, British university fees have increased for European students. However, many British universities offer scholarships or discounts, which can significantly reduce your expenses.

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In addition, the Welsh and Scottish governments have announced the implementation of their own international mobility programs for European students, following the end of the Erasmus+ program in Great Britain. Thus, university exchanges between France and Wales will be reciprocally funded and it will be possible to obtain funding at a Scottish university for a master’s degree under the Satire bag🇧🇷
Also keep in mind that some courses in the UK offer the granting of aa one-year master’s degreea significant advantage over the 2 years required in the US or Canada.
It is now also mandatory to have a passport and obtain a student visa when you want to study in Great Britain or Northern Ireland for longer than 6 months. The process is really very simple and can even be done directly on a smartphone. You will quickly obtain a digital visa, available at any time.
You will also have to pay a health surcharge to be able to benefit from medical care once there, but this amount will be refunded if you have the European Health Insurance Card🇧🇷
Anyway, these studies are an investment in the future! The employability rate of British university graduates is significantly higher than in France and there is no shortage of job opportunities. Study in the UK ensures that you have a very good command of the English language, an obvious competitive advantage in today’s professional world. A diploma obtained at Canal will also allow you to easily obtain a post-study work visa, a real key to enriching your CV with a rewarding professional experience.
In short, you will have understood that the UK is a study destination that remains a safe bet and that opens up the field of possibilities!
If you are interested in studying in the UK, head over to the Study UK platform, where you will find many free access webinars, or follow the latest news on our Study UK Instagram account. You can also contact us directly via email for any queries you may have.

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