Erasmus+: increasingly college students are going overseas in 2019

INFOGRAPHICS. Every year, tens of thousands of students choose to complete part of their studies abroad through the Erasmus+ programme. If Europe attracts, students are also increasingly likely to emigrate outside the continent. Recap.

More and more students are moving to Europe to complete part of their degree. In any case, this is what appears in the annual report of the Erasmus+ agency. The program is one of the best known: in all, 34 countries participate and over 800,000 European students benefit each year.

France is not left out. In 2019, 102,476 transfers were registered. Of these, 80,805 are directly related to students.

More and more internship mobility

Studying abroad is still popular: 54,723 students left for a few weeks, or even several months, in Europe, most of them to continue their studies there. But more and more students prefer to take advantage of the Erasmus+ program to complete your internship (+27% compared to 2018).

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The following number of mobilities vocational training is also increasing🇧🇷 For high school students in vocational baccalaureate, interns or apprentices, the opportunities are countless. A total of 23,722 students went abroad. Most opted for a short mobility, from two weeks to three months at the most (+32% compared to 2018).

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Changes to students’ favorite destinations

Students also do more the choice to leave the European framework🇧🇷 In 2019, 2,360 students left for the southern Mediterranean (mainly Maghreb) in Eastern Europe (Ukraine) or in asia (China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia…). More marginally, the Balkans, Russia and Africa also attract students. These are mainly study mobility (1,977 against 383 internship mobilities).

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Brexit has already started to have an impact on strictly European mobility. About 14,000 students went to UK in 2018 against 11,656 in 2019. All this in favor of Spainwhich takes the lead among the most popular countries among French students: 15,175 mobilities in 2019. Brexit also benefited Ireland, which is doubling Germany. Italy is also making good progress, as are Belgium and Finland, which remain highly coveted countries.

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