Change horizons with Erasmus+ – Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée area

For 35 years, the Erasmus+ program has allowed young people to study and work in Europe. The Region supports them in their mobility projects.

With Erasmus+, the Region promotes the international opening of students and learners who carry out mobility in participating European countries

key figures

12 million
beneficiaries since the creation of Erasmus in 1987
participating countries
Around 5,000 young people
supported annually by the Region with Erasmus+ [1]

In Occitania, as in all of France, the European Erasmus+ program is synonymous with mobility. Study, intern or train in another European country… several possibilities are open to young people learn new skills and boost their careers.

As the mobility experience is a real asset in the CV, the Region develops several erasmus+ projects to support integration and training organizations and health and social training establishments.

Every year in Occitania, around 5,000 students and apprentices are supported in their mobility projects. The Region also grants scholarships or internships to scholarship holders based on social criteria and helps young people in integration to take advantage of this professional opportunity. [2]🇧🇷

Giving young people the best assets to build their future is a priority, says Carole Delga. The Erasmus+ program is a true opportunity for professional immersion abroad and one of the keys to success on the path to employment!

A mobility experience for students

The Region mobilized more than 4 million euros in 2022 for the mobility of scholarship holders and students with modest resources

Accessible from the second year of post-baccalaureate training, the regional aid scheme for international mobility is intended for higher education students, regardless of the diploma obtained. More real in the resume, this experience allows you to stand out with recruiters🇧🇷

The grant is awarded to all higher education students (whether scholarship holders or not). A scholarship of €75 per week is awarded to scholarship students and students in difficulty. Every year, about 3,000 scholarship students and 1,600 students with modest resources receive a boost from the region [3]🇧🇷

Students from the health and social sectors they are also supported in their projects, thanks to the consortium led by the Region, which brings together around thirty training establishments. Grant of €450 it is awarded to students to finance their internship or studies. Occitania is one of the four regions committed to the mobility of these publics with Erasmus+. About 100 annual departures are registered, with priority given to young people with fewer opportunities. In addition, these students benefit from a contribution towards their travel expenses. New for 2022: a €50 eco-responsible travel aid (bus, train, carpooling), regardless of the distance travelled.

Finally, students and apprentices with disabilities receive care from €600 to finance your stays abroad.

Good to know

Whether it’s an internship or a first work experience abroad, the Region continues to support the mobility of apprentices abroadgranting them an aid of € 100 per week, limited to € 600. Support systems are also made available to training structures, whether or not they benefit from European co-financing.

A professional springboard for young people in integration

In June, 16 young people from the Second Chance Schools of Nîmes and Montpellier Port-Marianne carried out an internship in Brescia, Italy, within the framework of the regional scheme co-financed by the Erasmus+ program

Credits: E2C Montpellier Port Marianne

If most students leave with Erasmus+, young people in integration also take this opportunity to improve their skills linguistic and professional. In Occitania, the only region with an Erasmus+ project for young people in integration, there are more than 150 (monitored by Local Missions and enrolled in Second Chance Schools) be accompanied every year🇧🇷

They are offered internships in companies from three weeks to six months, with reinforced support. An audience for which the impact of mobility is strong🇧🇷 🇧🇷 The feedback is very positive and helps us to prepare young people for the rest of the journey. », says Stéphanie Sanchez, director of the Montpellier Port-Marianne second chance school.

Erasmus+ is above all a life experience for interns leaving home. They are faced with the language barrier, but also with community life…. For Baptiste, a 17-year-old intern at E2C Montpellier Port Marianne, ” in addition to the cultural visits and the new people I met, this experience made me mature🇧🇷 And even if the internship at a bakery didn’t make him want to continue on this path, he hopes to one day go out with Erasmus+. A feeling shared by Daniel, also an intern at E2C: ” Erasmus+ is an opportunity not to be missed! This is a golden opportunity on a professional level, but also on a personal level. Don’t be afraid to get involved🇧🇷 🇧🇷

[1] and, in some cases, with co-financing from the Erasmus+ program

[2] Incentive allowances (cooperation package, eurocampus check, health and social package, apprentice package and pegasus package) may also be awarded, subject to eligibility.

[3] Direct support from the Region is attributed to scholarship students, while students with modest resources benefit from funding for their stay through a protocol between the Region and their higher education institution.

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