Vingroup and Brighton School cooperate to supply the most effective training in Vietnam

Vingroup and Brighton College cooperate to provide the best education in Vietnam

Vingroup on Wednesday (April 20) signed a cooperation agreement with Brighton College, one of the leaders in the UK education sector, to inaugurate a new international school system in Vietnam.

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Signing of the cooperation document between Vingroup and Brighton College, April 20th.

The signing ceremony between Vingroup and Brighton College was attended by representatives of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, the British Embassy in Vietnam and some international organizations in the country.

Brighton College Vietnam’s first international school is scheduled to be built at Vinhomes Ocean Park in the Gia Lam district of Hanoi. Will receive students from 1.D on the 13thand class (according to the British education system) from August 2023. Afterwards, the next six establishments will gradually open across the country.

Delegates at the event.

Pursuant to this agreement, Brighton College will recruit senior positions and faculty and operate curricula that meet Brighton College standards while respecting the requirements of the national education system. In turn, Vingroup is responsible for investing in infrastructure following Brighton College standards.

Phan Hà Thuy, representative of Vingroup, shared: “We believe that by collaborating with Brighton College, Vingroup will help bring the world’s best quality education to Vietnam. This will allow many Vietnamese families to not send their children to study abroad until they reach adulthood”🇧🇷

For his part, Graeme Owton, Executive Director of International Schools at Brighton College, said: “Brighton College and Vingroup share a vision of giving thousands of Vietnamese students a remarkable start into the 21st century.and century. We will rely on Brighton College’s unrivaled expertise to do this.”🇧🇷

Left to right: Phan Hà Thuy of Vingroup, Marcus Winsley, UK and Northern Ireland Deputy Ambassador to Vietnam, and Richard Cairns, Dean of Brighton College.

Brighton College Vietnam will provide scholarships to students who enroll in their first year. In addition, the top ten students in the entrance exam will have the opportunity to do an exchange program at Brighton College, in the United Kingdom, for two weeks before the start of the school year.

Before Vietnam, Brighton College UK also successfully opened international schools and won prestigious education awards in Thailand, Singapore, UAE… Ivy League (USA) and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK.

This cooperation with Brighton College reaffirms Vingroup’s desire to position itself as a major player in quality education in Vietnam.

Text: Huy Phong/CVN
Photos: Vingroup/CVN

Vingroup and Brighton College

* Created in 1993, Vingroup is one of the main multisectoral private economic groups, operating in three main areas: technology, industry-commerce and service-philanthropy. Also rich in experience in the field of education and training, the group has successfully developed the largest private education system in Vietnam, Vinschool, from pre-school to high school, now gathering 36,000 students in establishments in Hanoi, Hai Phong (North) , Thanh Hoa, Hà Tinh (Centre) and Ho Chi Minh City (South). Vingroup also established and commissioned Vietnam’s first elite university, VinUni, which opened two majors with nearly 500 students from 11 countries around the world.

* Founded in 1845, Brighton College has since achieved unrivaled results in the UK in educating and developing intelligent, dynamic, active and community-responsible citizens. In 2021, 99% of students achieved grades from A* to B in their A-level programmes. In the same year, the school was recognized as the best school in the UK for STEM (science, technology, technology and maths) subjects. Brighton College not only focuses on academic excellence, but also excels in sports, art, music and theatre.

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