Ten good causes to decide on Quebec to your research

Per the fabulous studentposted on March 07, 2022

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Through its rich and diverse educational offer, Quebec has become a destination of choice for French and international students. More than 65,000 students from all over the world are currently studying in Quebec. What are the main reasons for this enthusiasm? What are the assets and advantages of an experience in Quebec? Decryption.

1) The French love Quebec

Although student mobility continues to increase year after year, Quebec is one of the most popular study destinations. According to the latest data, higher education and university networks have received more than 65,000 international students. Among them, many French! The latter are indeed ubiquitous in higher education establishments in Quebec, particularly in some institutions whose headquarters are in the regions, where they can represent up to 50% of international students. A presence that allows Quebec to clearly stand out from its American neighbors for the richness and uniqueness of its French-speaking culture.

2) An exceptional quality of life

Renowned for its diversity, its sense of hospitality and its openness to the world, Quebec offers above all an exceptional quality of life. This translates, first and foremost, into an affordable cost of living (among the lowest in Canada) and a safe living environment, not to mention good accessibility to healthcare. Choosing Quebec also means opting for the charm and effervescence of urban life combined with vast natural spaces. In addition to the authenticity of its modern European-style cities, Quebec, with an area three times the size of mainland France, has exceptional landscapes. What to offer, outside of classes, are many escapes to recharge your batteries in the Montmorency forest, explore the glacial valley of the Jacques-Cartier National Park, discover many lakes and rivers or even practice, season after season, a multitude of leisure activities in different national parks.

3) Preferential rates

Another advantage and no less important! Tuition fees for international students are among the lowest in North America. Since the agreement signed between the government of Quebec and that of France in terms of student mobility, French undergraduate university level (bac) students can, in fact, take advantage of the Canadian rate for non-residents of Quebec. In turn, French masters or doctoral students, as well as their colleagues in vocational training or technical higher education, have access to Quebec fees. To qualify, each student must possess a valid passport from the French Republic, as well as a study permit that complies with Canadian immigration regulations. Obtaining a Quebec acceptance certificate is also mandatory.

4) A quality university network

Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment, Quebec’s higher education institutions enjoy an excellent reputation on the international stage. World-renowned, universities are distinguished above all by the quality and diversity of their educational offer, which meets the most advanced international standards. It must be said that the establishments offer a study climate conducive to the success and development of each student. Practical and interactive, the training mainly promotes cooperation and teamwork. Students have access to many services throughout the course, from libraries to counseling and psychological support services. Added to this is the great availability of professors, the possibility of studying remotely, case studies, virtual simulations, internships and other immersions in companies. So many assets that allow students to prepare well for their entry into the job market.

5) Disciplines of Excellence

In total, Quebec’s university network is made up of 18 institutions, including 15 French-speaking and three English-speaking, spread across eight regions. Universities offer more than 3,000 training courses at different levels and a wide range of disciplines of excellence in teaching and research, such as artificial intelligence, aeronautics and aerospace, materials and nanotechnology, life sciences, marine sciences, forestry sciences, mining, aluminum , cybersecurity , biomedical engineering, environment and water, fine and visual arts, accounting, governance and finance, telecommunications and public administration. Finally, Quebec is among the world’s elite in the Program for International Assessment (PISA) of 15-year-old students in math, reading and science.

6) High-end sports complexes

Quebec is also an attractive destination in terms of sports facilities. Many establishments have sports complexes and high-level teams. From football to swimming, rock climbing, track and field, basketball, football or martial arts, there’s something for everyone and every level. Mainly because the flexibility of schedules facilitates the conciliation of leisure and studies! While some opt for a yoga session between two practical jobs, others prefer to mix sport and tradition by participating in a hockey game (the national sport) or on a snowshoe hike. In short, there is no lack of choice!

7) The possibility of a job while studying

International students attending a higher education institution in Quebec can work up to 20 hours a week during classes and full-time during school holidays. And that, without the need to apply for a work permit! In addition, the latter can be obtained to undertake internships as part of their studies or be issued to a student’s accompanying spouse. Just conditions? Hold a valid study permit and be registered full-time in a vocational training program, college or university. Many student jobs are regularly offered on or off campus. A way to make ends meet and enrich your CV.

8) French-speaking America

Choosing Quebec for your studies also means having the opportunity to practice two living languages. While most programs are offered in French, Quebec’s secondary, university and university education networks include French and English-speaking institutions. French remains the most used language in everyday life in this Francophonie lighthouse in the heart of the Americas. Enough to live a more enriching sociocultural experience, developing your vocabulary and language skills.

9) A broth of culture

Plural and lively, Quebec’s cultural offering is particularly evident in the circus and in the performing arts, visual arts and cinema. Many festivals, carnivals and other large-scale artistic events take place every year in Quebec. A dynamism directly linked to the aboriginal and European roots of this province, subtly married to an American way of life. In Quebec, things are moving, winter and summer! A true sense of celebration, which is also reflected in the activities offered by the numerous student associations.

10) Focus on the long term

After such an experience, why not prolong the adventure? Under certain conditions, international graduates of a Quebec institution may apply for permanent immigration, in particular through the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) as it exists today. The latter can, in fact, apply for a postgraduate work permit to work full-time after their studies. Given the demographic context and the need for skilled labor in certain sectors of activity, international students are, in fact, the main candidates for permanent immigration to Quebec. Not to mention its considerable contribution in terms of innovation, knowledge development and diversity. An exciting prospect for those looking to settle down and live in Quebec for the long term.

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