How does the GPA grade system work?

We all know that the school grading system is not absolutely standardized across the different countries of the world. For students who wish to apply outside their home country, the different standards can be a real headache. How to convert your 20 to GPA Grade? We help you!

If you want to complete part of your trip North Americayou’ve certainly heard of surrogacy system. Don’t panic, we’re here to explain how it works!

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What is the GPA Grading System?

The Grade GPA is a grade (the French translation is “media cumumétée”) awarded to each student based on the average of the grades he/she will have received in each of the subjects he/she took. This is one of the central elements of any application file for students applying to North America. The Grade GPA it can be important, namely in the context of the following steps: Applying for a grant, joining an organization or association, applying for extracurricular activities or applying for a new school course.

The grades awarded to students in the United States are scaled from A to F, with A being the best grade. It is estimated that a student with an A grade would master between 90 and 100% of the knowledge about which he would have been questioned. A B would be equivalent to a domain of acquired skills between approximately 89 and 80% and so on. A student who masters less than 50% of the assessed knowledge ends up with an F, without further details.

Once the grades of each subject in letter form are obtained, they are converted into a numerical value… A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1 and F=0 In some cases, it is possible to see a GPA at 5.0 and not at 4.0, to assign a value of 1 to a grade that would be an E while the GPA in 4.0 ignores.

Some schools have a grading system that includes + and – variations, for example A+ or A- in this case a 0.3 is added if a grade is followed by a + and a 0.3 is removed if the grade is followed by a – . Thus, if a B is equivalent to 3.0 a B- is equivalent to a grade of 2.7 in the GPA calculation. A C+ is equivalent to 2.3.

The GPA is weighted by the value of the credits for each subject (in France we call this coefficient). A student who studies literature as a major and economics as a minor will find his grade in economics weigh less than his grade in literature in calculating his grade. GPA. It is therefore necessary for calculate your GPA gradeknow the different coefficients of each material.

Convert your 20 grade to GPA grade

The system is therefore very different from the french notation and it is particularly difficult for a French student to obtain an excellent American GPAespecially in the context of your postgraduate degree.

Indeed, the letter notation it is less accurate than France’s 0-20 system. We do not distinguish so much the results of the students. Thus, two people who scored 10 and 12 can be given the same letter and therefore cannot be distinguished from each other. In addition, due to the greater accuracy of the french system, and some cultural differences, the perception of grades may also differ. For example, during higher education, a 12 might be considered better in France than a B or B+ in America. Most recruiters are aware of this, which explains why a GPA is not always required of international students or that the grade is interpreted differently from US students.

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However, if an institution asks you to provide your GPA, here’s how to convert your grade:

to know your Grade GPAyou need to convert your French grades into letters, which will give you your grade of 4.0 or 5.0, depending on the institution you wish to apply to.

Transcription can be done following this diagram relayed by the French consulate in Miami, which although it does not include post-secondary studies, can also apply:

However, this is just an indication and the conversion of notes is also at the discretion of the receiving establishment.

In addition, it is worth noting that some establishments aware of their rankings offer adapted and personalized conversion tables for their students. We can cite as an example, the University of Paris-Dauphine that places the grade C in the equivalent of 10, B- in 11, B in 12 and so on. The Sorbonne also offers its students a conversion table that places the grade of F for any grade below 10, E for the grade of 10, D for the grade of 11, C for the grade between 12 and 13, B even with an A score of 15 and A for everything above 16. Of course, conversions are therefore quite subjective and imprecise as they are not harmonized by institution and country.

Once your notes are converted to lyrics, it becomes simple to get your GPA, or by directly converting your average to a letter and then back to a /4.0 number. Or, for a ratio of coefficient or to select materials, calculating the GPA American style.

A simple conversion of your grades will only be approximate for all the reasons we’ve already mentioned, but most institutions abroad are aware of this, which is why you shouldn’t just focus on these grades, but build a solid archive.

If you are applying abroad, do not hesitate to ask your teachers for letters of recommendation, even if outside school (sports coaches, music or music theory teachers, drawing teachers, etc.) are in addition to school grades.

Other information that may be considered relevant if you believe that your GPA not excellent but you are one of the best students in your class or promotion, try to get a ranking from your teachers to attach it to your file.

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