Finding out on the college: 7 (good) causes to decide on the college?

Thinking of integrating a license but not sure what to expect? Each year, French universities welcome more than 50% of young people into higher education, with 1.5 million students enrolled in 2021. But why is the university so attractive? Here are seven reasons to join college banks!

After high school, go to university! A radical change is coming your way. Between autonomy and support, disciplinary varieties and study abroad opportunities, there are many good reasons to go to college.

1 – At the university, an autonomy that changes everything

University is life changing. The transition from being a high school student to being a student can seem like a real leap into the unknown. : new establishment, new city, new accommodation… Yes, it’s a transition to adulthood!

And at the university, you will learn to become independent. You’ll have fewer hours of classes than in high school, the schedules are more flexible, and the bottom line, there’s no more attendance control, except in TD (directed work) or TP (hands-on work). Which gives a real sense of freedom!

So it’s up to you to learn how to juggle class hours – amphitheater, tutorials and tutorials – and personal work. You will also learn to “take responsibility” by organizing your time to succeed on your leave. But don’t worry, there are many supports to facilitate your integration!

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2 – Support from the beginning of the degree

Some of you are less inclined to leave your parents. Anyway, not right away. And that’s okay! Do not panic, France has 75 public universities, most with relocated campuses to which are added dozens of private establishments (free faculties, higher schools, Catholic institutes, etc.).

You will likely find a college near you. The overall objective is to democratize higher education. For this, each establishment offers student support systems.

Thus, you will be able to have access to tutoring, to help you acquire a good methodology and review your courses, but also for custom routes both for the development of studies and to establish contacts with university partners (companies, associations, campuses abroad, etc.).

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3 – A progressive specialization up to the master’s degree

University studies, bachelor’s or master’s degrees, offer a rich range of disciplines : in the arts, literature, languages, history, law, science, sociology, economics-management, social issues, sport, political science, etc.

Of course, some courses are not offered at all establishments, but there’s a good chance you’ll find your way to another university in your area.

And the university offers the advantage of progressive specialization. You can start with a very general course in the first year of your license to acquire the fundamentals of the subject, then gradually specialize up to the master’s degree that will allow you to obtain a professional or research-oriented bac+5, depending on your project.

4 – Certain subjects offered only at the university

Some courses are only offered at the university. This is particularly the case for health studies (MMOPK sectors: medicine, maieutics, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy)accessible since 2020 via the PASS (specific course on access to health) and the L.AS (license for access to health).

The PASS is a sick leave with a generalist minor discipline. The L.AS it is a general course with a health minor. Law studies are also exclusive to the universityas well as much of the human and social sciences.

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5 – Affordable monthly fees

This is one of the particularities of French higher education: University courses are accessible at a lower cost (unlike studies in Anglo-Saxon countries).

In average, tuition fees are 170 euros for a bachelor’s degree and 243 euros for a master’s degree. Scholarship students are exempt. A non-negligible argument.

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6 – The LMD course to study anywhere in Europe

This can be a very good option for those who want to have an experience abroad. The LMD course (Bachelor – Master – Doctorate) allows any student enrolled at the university to start a course in France and continue abroad.

If you wish, you can continue your studies in Berlin, then continue in Belgium for the first year of your master’s degree and obtain your degree at the University of Rome… Even though this type of course is rare, it is affordable. Ask your university, which supports study abroad projects.

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7 – Enjoy student life!

Each university organizes events (cultural, artistic, sporting, etc.)aimed at promoting the reception and social, health, cultural and sporting support of students“. Its amount is fixed at 95 euros for the year 2022-2023.

Another essential element of student life, student associations and in particular the BDE (student office), administered by and for the students. Evenings, walks, associative events… Your role is to facilitate contact between everyone!

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