The right way to get a visa to settle in Florida?

Moving to Florida, or the United States in general, can quickly become an obstacle course. There are no 36 solutions. You must at all costs have a valid visa or obtain a Green Card. Here are the options to consider when starting your project.

Moving to Florida doesn’t happen overnight, or on a whim. You have to bear it and keep in mind because you want to leave everything to live the American dream. Going to a university worthy of the name, pursuing a career in film, working at an amusement park during the summer, becoming a realtor in Tampa, opening your own business in Orlando… It’s possible. But the process will require many months of struggle before realizing your project.

Have a well-designed project

You must be sure of yourself. What it means: having enough money for your project, having a lot of savings “just in case”, being ready to work hard, having the necessary skills and more, being ready to leave everything and not come back, knowing which visa is needed for the your project before it even starts. Once secured, and depending on your project, you will need a concrete file, a trusted sponsor or even a specialized lawyer.

Which visa to get for my project?

To reside and work in Florida, or another US state, you must have a visa. From there, several options are possible:

  • E1, E2, for investors, future owners of restaurants, bars, shops…
  • H1B, for professional expats who are qualified and specialized in a field. It is obtained thanks to a sponsor of a company.
  • J1, for students, interns, AuPair.
  • oh, for individuals with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, sports, film and television, demonstrated by sustained national or international recognition.
  • P, for athletes
  • I for short or long term journalists and media
  • B1-B2, for people negotiating with the US as part of an investment project, for example

Once the Visa category is found, the procedures can begin. As part of a J or H1B visa, you will need to be sponsored. Whether by a company, school or official organization. For the E1-E2 category, you will need the help of a lawyer and a substantial amount of money to complete the process.

The path to the Green Card

Obtaining a green card (a US resident card that allows you to work and live in the territory without a visa) can be very quick, very, very, very long. Generally, after a few years in the United States under an E, H, O, P or I visa, it is possible to obtain a Green Card. However, nothing is certain. The only option that guarantees obtaining the famous Green Card is none other than marriage to an American. Again, the path is dangerous and can be risky.

You can also try the lottery, once a year, thanks to which you get the Green Card after a draw. Applications are made in October-November and the results are known in early May. Good luck!

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