Research in Florida: The Full Information to Discovering the Proper School for You

Thanks to its 12 incredible, gigantic public universities, Florida allows around 350,000 students each year to pursue the course they desire. Want to study in Florida, have one of the best degrees in the country? To see our top 3, follow the guide.

Study in Orlando with the University of Central Florida

The Orlando area is booming. Businesses and entrepreneurs flourish, the city develops, tourists flock. And to continue quality development, Orlando needs to train its youth, but also other future students from all over. That’s why UCF is the most open university of all: 60,000 students from every US state and 135 different countries.

In fact, by enrollment, it is the largest university in the United States. Especially thanks to its 200 programs on offer and its 12 satellite universities. Ranked 13th in innovation, it is also widely known for its sports teams.

How to integrate the UCF?

UCF is one of the most affordable universities as the tuition for the year is around $6,000 for Florida students. In relation to foreigners, case by case applies. In particular thanks to scholarships and university exchanges.

To apply, visit the University website, or directly at the website: 4000 Central Florida BLVD, Orlando, 32816 FL.

Tampa, study with the University of South Florida

University of South Florida Tampa

Divided into 3 institutions, including Tampa, Sarasota and St. Petersburg, USF is, according to the US News & World Report ranking, among the top 100 universities in the country and the 8th largest in the United States.

And for good reason, the University of South Florida offers a total of more than 230 master’s or bachelor’s programs in the fields of science, film, commerce, marketing, medicine (with professional labs and national research) and many others. Diverse programs that attract nearly 50,000 students from the US and 120 different countries each year, sent to 18 colleges.

How to join USF?

Like UCF, the University of Tampa is quite cheap for students as it is a public university. For a year, and living in Florida, count about $6,400. For foreign students, it is required on a case-by-case basis. to discover.

To register, visit or the University of South Florida: 4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, 33620, FL.

University of Florida at Gainesville, the most prestigious

University of Florida Gainsville

Florida’s first public university and one of the most prestigious universities in the country is none other than Gainesville. The proof in detail:

  • The oldest born in 1853
  • The 4th largest public university in the country
  • 120 students won 39 gold medals at the Olympic Games
  • A library with over 3 million books
  • 100 easily accessible “degree” programs
  • 200 graduate level program
  • It has 22 faculties

You will understand, the University of Florida is a true academic pearl, and a sports niche, the Florida Gators are super powerful!

How do I apply to UFI?

For Florida students, tuition is $6,400 per year. Officially. Since in reality, thanks to scholarships from various programs, students can be helped. Especially thanks to the sport!

Go to or directly to the university.

As you may have understood, Florida has nothing to envy to other states in terms of education.

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