Finding out in Greece: a successful wager for worldwide college students. We let you know every thing with Examine in Greece

Do you plan to pack your bags and discover another culture? Have you ever thought about studying in Greece? A key tourist destination, Greece is accelerating the modernization of its university system and enhancing its international influence. Decoding with Study in Greece.

Studying in Greece: the result of a strong proactive policy

Driven by constant political and academic dynamism, many training courses attract students from all over the world.

The internationalization policy of Greek universities

Greece is redoubling its efforts to become a top academic destination. As evidence, the relevant Greek ministries (Education, Foreign Affairs and Culture) are working together with American, Chinese and British educational actors to strengthen the influence of Greek universities around the world.

These partnerships with the superpowers of the academic world offer a new horizon for Greek students. Between the creation of new study programs taught in English and the opportunities offered to Greek and foreign students in a cosmopolitan and interdisciplinary environment, these collaborations are already taking a promising direction.

The Study in Greece organization is tangible evidence of Greece’s efforts to modernize its education system. A unique information portal, Study in Greece aims to inform international students who wish to study in Greece.

To facilitate its procedures, Study in Greece has launched MatSiG, a digital platform that offers a complete and intuitive mapping of the variety of training paths offered by Greek and international universities.

Like virtual reality video games, this digital tool is an immersive portal that offers you the possibility to access content posted online by all Greek universities. Thus, you can download videos or brochures for free to inform you in real time on various subjects, namely:

  • the courses taught;
  • application procedures;
  • affordable bags;
  • student and cultural life.

An effective tool to find a degree adapted to your needs, making networking easier!

Some examples of international programs in Greece

Do you want to study in Greece to follow in the footsteps of Hippocrates, the most famous physician in Ancient Greece?

The School of Medicine at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki offers foreign students the opportunity to obtain a medical degree entirely taught in English. For six years, students are invited to unleash their talent and their full potential at this university that puts practice at the heart of its teachings.

In addition to the theoretical learning that is inseparable from the practice of medicine, students at the University of Thessaloniki will be able to delve into the practical aspects of the discipline with internationally recognized physicians, surgeons and scientists. To reinforce this immersion, the university has its own university hospital and 82 laboratories and care units.

The international medicine program launched by the National and Kapodistrian University School of Medicine of Athens is further evidence of the actions implemented by Greek universities to encourage young people from all over the world to come and study in Greece.

Taught exclusively in English, the six-year medical course will accept 40 foreign students for the first admission in 2022. Each of them will have the privilege of enhancing their theoretical learning thanks to new-generation equipment such as patient robotics or anatomy systems. 3D

Launched during the 2020-2021 school year, the international license in Ancient Greek archaeology, history and literature is also on the rise. And for good reason! Thanks to a breathtaking cultural heritage, Greece is a fertile land for history and literature buffs. With this in mind, students will be able to discover the Hellenic treasures by visiting, among others, the Athenian Acropolis, the Parthenon, Delphi or Olympia. Open exclusively to foreigners and taught entirely in English, the course is based on an academic tradition that draws on 180 years of experience.

Studying in Greece: an immersion in Hellenic culture

“Studying in Greece” doesn’t just rhyme with “Greek universities”, “courses” and “reviews”! In addition to becoming an important destination on the world’s academic scene, Greece is an ideal breeding ground for enjoying an enriching student life.

So whether you like festive atmospheres, gastronomy or both at the same time, Greece has more than one trick up its sleeve to invite you to relax between two intensive review sessions!

For example, every year, three weeks before the start of Lent, Carnival is in full swing across the country. named apWherecry in Greek, carnivals originated in Ancient Greece, where the Greeks paid homage to Dionysus, the god of the vine, wine, partying and excess. You’ve been warned!

Also, rest assured: festive environments are not the prerogative of carnivals. If you appreciate festive atmospheres and local customs, the panighyria (general gathering, in French) will delight you. Even though most of these celebrations take place on the eve of the Assumption, August 14, panighyria take place throughout the year across the country. It is a mixture of religious festivals, tastings of local flavors, dance and traditional music. This is still one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the authenticity of Hellenic culture and meet new people outside of Greek universities!

In addition to these traditional festivals, Greece is known for its exceptional cuisine. Well known to westerners, feta, moussaka and tzatziki will delight your taste buds.

And if you are a fan of tasty oven dishes, the Yemist, vegetables stuffed with rice, are a real delight. Of course, fish aficionados will find what they’re looking for too, as Greece, despite a relatively modest size, has the longest coastline in Europe!

As you may have already understood, choosing to study in Greece is something to be taken very seriously. Once confined to the role of a tourist destination, Greece is now a country that knows how to highlight its charms to attract students from all over the world. So why not you?

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