Espresso, one of many secrets and techniques of the elixir of lengthy life?

We all enjoyed our breakfast. We will appreciate it even more when we know that it is also good for our health, especially for our heart! However, we will not abuse it. Scientists advise us 2 to 3 cups a day. So let’s savor this moment…

Does coffee have secret ingredients?

It’s not just the caffeine in coffee. This drink, with dark tones, contains other molecules, such as phenolic compounds, that is, from plants (such as tannins). These molecules are very interesting, as they have antioxidant properties, which protect, in particular, cells from aging.

Drinking coffee in moderation is therefore a practice that has been considered good for your health for some time. Until now, this hasn’t really been proven at the cardiac level.

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Drink coffee to reduce cardiovascular risk

A large-scale study in the UK

A team of Australian-British scientists used a UK Biobank database. The latter gathers medical information for adults between 40 and 69 years old. They use it to study possible associations between coffee and its different forms (ground, instant, and decaf) and certain cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, and ischemic stroke).

Study participants were asked to respond to a questionnaire. It made it possible to know the number of cups consumed per day and the type consumed (cappuccino, filtered or decaffeinated). They were then separated into different groups based on their consumption. We created 5 groups: no coffee, one coffee, two to three, 4 to 5 and more than 5 cups a day. People who do not drink serve as a control group.

Drink 2 to 3 cups a day

Source: Wikipedia.

The different groups were then compared with each other regarding the incidence of arrhythmias, cardiovascular disease and mortality.

Scientists have thus been able to demonstrate that, regardless of the form of coffee consumed, there is a reduction in the mortality of people who consume this hot beverage, compared to those who do not. This is particularly true for consumption of 2 to 3 cups a day. On the other hand, with regard to arrhythmias, decaffeinated coffee does not seem to have properties to reduce them, unlike ground and soluble coffee.

Coffee to add to your diet

This scientific study has therefore shown that drinking two or three cups a day is beneficial for health. One benefit in particular for everything related to heart risks.

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As Professor Kistler, one of the team members, recalls, coffee contains more than 100 active biological components. It is therefore likely that some are linked to the positive relationship between their consumption, cardiovascular disease and increased longevity.

Don’t deprive yourself of a moderate consumption of coffee, which is ultimately good for the heart!

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