An underground system to create power and what I give it some thought

I have some rules. I never talk about weapons or energy. The list must be long, tens of thousands of people who have not respected my code and who have had accidents, illnesses, premature suicides… since the 1950s!

This kind of business, I think you shouldn’t touch and stay in the crosswalk authorized by the elites


hello charles i am writing to you because i would like to talk to you about my project i would like to have your opinion as a businessman i am writing a copyright about my new creation that i have been studying and thinking and analyzing for a long time since the goal is to enter the energy market it’s a simple system but that no one has to think about and that is a viable proof to support i made a prototype myself at home so i use a high pressure diving type compressor to fill the 6kwatt hour bottles to 2 cubic meters at 320 bar i will fill the bottle at 210 bar to fill the bottle as fast as possible once full i get 12k watt at 210 bar so i double the capacity

it’s a physical math law that you can find on wikipedia, so I hold the air in a car engine at 70 bar, of course I modified a part of the engine to be able to use it, so my copyright, so I generated a mechanism of force that is multiplied by the reducer that drives the transmission that is coupled to a generator of 1 megawatt at 1500 rpm this production is sold in the national grid of the country type edf or other thanks to the purchase contract of the producer of elec purchase price equal to the wind turbines 50 euros per megawatt or less depending on contract

I can prove to you that it works thanks to the old one that used a compressed air train for the mines so as not to explode from the inside because of the gas pockets, but at the time it took a long time to refill the train’s tank because there was no high pressure compressor in that time here is then the calculation of profitability 1 mega watt per hour buyback at 50 euros multiply by 365 days which makes a total of 400 thousand euros per year if it works without cutting production which will never be the case, but which values ​​a single installation

the objective will be to multiply the facilities that I studied in the market according to energy and production in europe and in the world objective to create sites in countries with reduced taxation according to the continent paragay number 1 in south america 10% TAX with your barage it sold in brazil argentina bolivia interconnects panama in free zone or in the country at 25% D TAX that the state will sell in costa rica or other central america will soon be connected with colombia usa in deleware or michigan or florida with porto bank rican better fiscal optimization europe or ireland lichtenchten andor from 10 to 12% D TAX are already interconnected I studied the electrical connection of these 3 areas found in the network

why am i writing all this for you i never created a company i don’t have a partner i don’t have funds and i don’t want to depend on banks at first and i don’t have the main set on this subject finally i think and why you said you were looking for people to take it out from your comfort zone and above all it is the solution to have free energy for your tribe in otarsia cost of equipment in china ali baba generator in 10 k dollars in europe is 200 k compressor costs 2000 dollars in the motor of the american brand alibaba i already have a 4 4 at home otherwise buy for scrap or other big count for 250k per install in 1 year is profitable

here i can prove i took it from you charles call me to talk about it this is not a joke its real here is my number sorry for mistakes i have been following you since i left thailand i was in dominican republic at this time as a idiot i went back to france and i regret it now thanks to you i saved a lot with your video about coins tipped my brain and went straight to dollars i wish you a good day hoping i have a chance to chat to you one day

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