5 suggestions for finding out overseas

Study at the Harry Potter library in Porto, go to Rome to study the Italian Renaissance or visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Are you already dreaming about it? Well, know that it is possible!

Since the end of the last century, studying or doing an internship abroad has been accessible to all students who have the means. Whether within the scope of your course or not, anything is possible.

Exit with the ERASMUS programstudy mobility

If you dream of continuing your studies and learn a language at the University of Oxford, Munich, Oslo or even Moscow, this program is right for you. Within the maximum limit of twelve months, you can continue to receive your scholarship in french and eventually get theinternational mobility assistance. Becoming an ERASMUS student means discovering new cultures, strolling on the beach in Barcelona, ​​meeting a group of Swedes in a bar, falling in love with a German or a Belgian (it is possible)… So many ways to get to know each other.

Exit with the ERASMUS programinternship mobility

If you want to join the company of your dreams located in Copenhagen, Istanbul or London and manage to obtain the Grail of any young person, that is, an agreed course, This program was made for you. Accessible to students, apprentices and job seekers, it offers several grants as a form of funding with a maximum duration of one year.

Going for an internship at a European organization

go behind the scenes of Parliamentof European central bank and some audit Office, now it is possible! Please note that all these organizations accept interns, paid or unpaid, as part of their courses. So motivated to discover Brussels, Frankfurt or Luxembourg? And to get a taste of life in the European authorities, we can only strongly advise you to watch the series. Parliament in France 5!

student university library

Study in partnership with your institution

If Europe is too small for you and you want to go further, you also have the possibility to come out within the framework of internal partnerships at your school. This is how some find themselves studying in Hong Kong, New York, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai… The advantage of this type of partnership is that you often only pay the tuition fees for your school in France. Contact your institution for more information.

go alone

This is certainly the most exciting solution. Get a PVT visa, which allows you to study, work and travel for 1 year. And hop hop hop for you Japan, AustraliaThe BrazilThe Korea where the Canada. Please note, however, that you will have to register with an establishment and find accommodation. For those who like a challenge, this is one, because without structure it is important to be square.

To learn more, visit the following sites: Study Abroad | Service-public.fr and What financial aid?

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