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According to a recent article by The times Ireland is increasingly becoming a top educational destination for students across the European Union, with a number of universities recording double-digit growth in enrollment across the continent.

In this article, we will discuss the Erasmus program in Ireland, the various English tests to join an Irish university or the issue of student accommodation in Ireland.

A Brexit Effect

And yes, it is, but after Brexit and the UK’s departure from the European Union, Ireland became, like Laura Harmon of the Irish Council for International Students at Schedulesthe “only English-speaking country in the European Union”,

Provisional admission numbers compiled by the Schedules suggest that nearly 17,000 EU students have enrolled at Trinity College Dublin for this academic year, an 8% increase from two years ago. Other institutions also saw increases, such as the University of Limerick and the University of Maynooth, which saw two-year increases of 34% and 28%, respectively, and University College Cork alumni increased by 18% last year.

“There has been a substantial increase in the number of EU students in the Irish university system, with an average increase of around 20% from 2020 to 2022, split between undergraduate and postgraduate programmes,” said Lewis Purser, Director of Learning, Teaching and academic affairs at the Irish Universities Association (IUA) in times.

“The data shows that EU students increasingly view Irish universities as a high-quality destination where, as EU citizens, they can continue to benefit from the same terms and conditions, including fees, as Irish students.

“This compares to their current status in the UK, where they have to pay considerably higher international fees and also get visas and work permits. The IUA expects this trend to continue, particularly as Irish universities become more integrated into European university networks and more Irish students travel to other EU countries on Erasmus grants.

The very good world ranking of its universities, the financial accessibility, the very strong social and international mix, the quality of life and the job market on the island make Dublin and cities like Cork, Galway or even Limerick the destinations of choice for French students. .

For French students, coming to study in Ireland is a real plus. The strong evolution of English, the international dimension added to the CV but also the creation of many international contacts make this country an excellent option.

Ireland is one of the most welcoming and attractive countries in the European Union for students, allowing them to pursue quality English language training at a much lower cost of living than in England. Every year, around 1,300 French students choose Ireland as their country of study.

The easiest way to get into an Irish university is through the Erasmus programme.

What is the Erasmus program and how can I join?

The Erasmus program is a European program created with the aim of facilitating university exchange abroad for students, whether they are university, BTS, business or engineering school.

It allows you to study at a university of your choice (subject to certain criteria issued by your college or college) for a period ranging from 3 to 12 months. The training followed in the host country must, of course, be in line with and in continuity with your studies carried out in France.

You can ask to do an Erasmus stay from your second year of study and up to a master’s and doctoral degree for certain faculties.

In order to participate, you must contact your establishment’s international relations manager and follow the administrative procedures specifically requested by your establishment.

It should be noted that as places are limited, it is preferable to go at least 6 to 12 months in advance, especially if you are coming from a course where stays abroad are very popular (Business International, LEA, etc.).

In addition, some documents to be provided are required for Erasmus registration in Ireland:

  • An Erasmus cover letter
  • Photocopies of transcripts from the first two years of university
  • A letter of recommendation from two teachers
  • Proof of your English level

english tests

As stated above, you will be asked to prove your level of English in order to be able to enter an Irish university. Depending on the year of study you wish to enter, the required level will be different, but it must still be taken into account that courses being in English, a minimum understanding of the language is required. In addition, each university has its preference when it comes to the English test.

The different tests generally accepted by Dublin universities are the IELTS ( and the TOEFL iBT ( Do not hesitate to ask your international department if sessions to take these tests are available directly at your establishment or if your establishment has a partnership with them, which can provide discounts on the price of your exam. However, other tests may also be accepted depending on the industry, such as the TOEIC, Cambridge or GMAT.

The cost of the IELTS is 230 Euros and the TOEFL is 220 Euros (but you will have to pay the fees in dollars); There are exam centers throughout France and we advise you to register for an exam session 2-3 months before your desired date to be sure you have a place.

However, we recommend that you prepare in advance as the level of English required for Ireland may be higher than in some other countries. Free tests are available on the IELTS and TOEFL website, but you can also consult your school’s library, which should have several copies of preparation books for these exams.


Erasmus Scholarship

Erasmus grants are reserved for any student who is a citizen of the European Union, whether or not he is already a grant holder.

All you need to do when applying for Erasmus is to contact your institution’s international relations office as soon as possible and provide the necessary administrative documents. Applications for the Erasmus scholarship normally close around September.

The amount awarded varies according to the country of destination and the length of stay.

the other bags

Some cities and regions offer “mobility” grants, so don’t hesitate to contact your region; your general/regional council and city council to find out more about the scholarships they offer. Each city and region has a different budget, so we cannot give an estimate of the amount collected.

General information about the Erasmus program

Status Public / European
exchange duration From 3 to 12 months
Additional school fees None
Requested Bac + 2 minimum, letters of recommendation, copy of school results
tests to pass English test (Toefl, Ielts, Toiec, GMAT,…)
Scholarships available? yea

For more information about the Erasmus program, do not hesitate to visit the program’s official website


We must not hide it, if Ireland attracts more and more people, there is a downside. In fact, it can be quite difficult to find student accommodation.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for student accommodation in Ireland. First of all, never pay cash in advance without having previously visited the accommodation, unless, and this is our second point, you go through a recognized professional in the sector like Amber whose proposed ads are verified. With just a few clicks, you can find a bed in over a million student accommodation offers worldwide.

Finally, be prepared to act quickly once you’ve found the accommodation you like – the student accommodation market can be very competitive. By following these simple tips, you will be able to find a great place to settle down while studying in Ireland.

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