The themes of the SES du Bac 2022 are controversial on social media

The SES specialty test subjects on Thursday, May 12, generated many reactions of netizens. The first part of the test asked 3 questions to which the candidates had to answer using their personal knowledge. judged “too liberal”, “far to the right” and above all demonstrating a “ideological vision disconnected from reality”these titles have taken more than one leap on social media.

Bac 2022: SES subjects “too politically oriented”

” […] show that work is a source of social integration”, “Based on an example, you will show that innovation can help to lower the ecological limits of growth” and finally “you will show that the action of the public power in favor of social justice can produce perverse effects” : here are the SES subjects that Terminale students had to work on exam day.

“Incredible”, “disturbing” … There is no shortage of adjectives on social media to describe the titles of the SES event on Thursday, May 12th. On Twitter, we regret the questions that seemed to invite candidates to just think of one way ; according to Raphael Pradeau, spokesman for Attac France “same ideological sense, aligned with the government’s vision”.

The controversy goes beyond social networks and has reacted in particular to the Association of Teachers of Economic and Social Sciences (Aspes), which does not say “not surprised by these strong reactions”. Since 2018, they have been warning about “Effects of the reform of secondary education in the SES” and denounce the change Software. According to Apses, these subjects clearly show “the little place given to argumentation and pluralism”.

A subject that, however, complies with the Terminale program

To answer the questions in the “Knowledge Mobilization” section, candidates are asked to recite the course and explain the mechanisms studied in class. The exercise, therefore, does not invite us to qualify or question these titles. It is even inadvisable to embark on such an undertaking, on pain of being off topic and then penalized by the reviewer.

Per ReleaseBenoît Guyon, co-president of Apses, talks about the controversy pointing the finger exercise form more than the background. Deplores the exercises that no longer invite students to problematize, but only to recite the lesson. On its website, the National Union of Teachers (SNES-Fsu) makes a broader inventory of the situation: “programs that do not open up enough space for questions and debates, focusing on mechanisms that are disconnected from each other; tests that, in their own conception, tend to evacuate debate and problematization”.

Many say they are preoccupied with these issues, symptomatic of the school’s renunciation of training critical minds. In social networks, we claim a school that is the place for questions, analyzes and challenges to social debates. What we can read on the web today is above all the refusal to see the dominant thinking imposed on the schoola final place of reflection.

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