Research within the UK: observe the information!

It’s decided, you’re going to study in the UK. But how to choose the right university for you? What formalities to complete? Where to find accommodation? We take stock of the measures to be taken.

England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales, the UK is the preferred study destination for French students. IThere are nearly 20,000 flying there every year: about a third as part of an Erasmus+ exchange, the rest by enrolling directly at a British university.

if Brexit threatens study conditions for Europeans (application fees, scholarships, loans…), the British government wants to be reassuring for the 2017 and 2018 school year. What’s next? “To be continued.”

Studying in the UK: Your Questions Answered

How to choose your university?
UK universities are autonomous, which means they manage their programs and fund themselves. From England to Scotland, and Wales to Northern Ireland, our tips to help you choose your studies in the UK.

How to finance your registration?
What is the amount of the Erasmus+ grant? How much are tuition fees for an individual application? Can you work locally? The budget point for planning to study in the UK.

What are the formalities?
An obstacle course, the administrative formalities to study with our neighbor across the Channel? Not so much, if you integrate a university exchange with Erasmus+. Overview of the steps to study in the UK.

How to prepare your installation?
College residence or roommate? Subway or bicycle? Phone subscription or prepaid card? To avoid the stress of back-to-school and plan your budget well, prepare your stay in advance.

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They had a “so British” experience

History student Simon dropped out for a semester in Liverpool
England was an obvious destination for this University of Rouen student who wants to “improve his English”. “I chose to stay in Liverpool so that I could immerse myself more in English culture and not stay in the student atmosphere of the campus all the time.” An authentic experience for this football fan.

After graduating with an engineering degree in France, Marion joined Cambridge
Your biggest concern when applying to one of the best universities in the world? “To be rejected because of English. My level was very low when I joined ESPCI. So I worked three summers in a row as a trainer at a horse farm near Edinburgh., then I did a six-month internship in the United States.” Bet won! And she liked Cambridge so much that she decided to continue her thesis there.

Nawale chose to do his third year at LEA in London to improve his English.
For its installation, “the biggest nuisance was the housing”. Toulousaine had secured a place in a university residence which cost it €900 a month, with advance payment for the first semester. “Everything is very expensive, even roommates.” She advises to “come there in the summer, because the first apartments are available at the end of June”. An expensive experience, but it didn’t stop her from falling in love with the city.

Then, tempted by adventure ? Take the “Studying in the UK” quiz to find out if you’re ready to leave your family cocoon and cross the English Channel.

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