ErasmusDays returns for a sixth version

Born in 1987, Erasmus+ is an education, training, youth and sport programme. Erasmus has since its creation more than 12 million exchanges. Each year in France, more than 100,000 people participate in the Erasmus+ programme. 5,000 organizations and establishments French people participate in the exchange program. A new Erasmus+ program was launched between 2021 and 2027, with a budget on the rise of 80%, compared to 2014-2020. The attractiveness of this program is currently at its height in France, with the first country send Erasmus+ students. Several financial help are made available to participants. They can vary from 900 to 1,300 euros per month in vocational training, and 200 to 750 euros in higher education.

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Erasmus+: more eco-responsible

The director of the Erasmus+ France Youth and Sport agency, Mathieu Roumegaous, invites young people to orient themselves towards the DiscoverEU programme. This program encourages the use of Train as a means of transport, in order to respect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. In order to encourage people to use eco-responsible transport, Erasmus+ offers them a financial help additional 250 euros a month.

MEP Salima Yenbou, committed to education and ecology, explained the correlation between the increase in Erasmus exchanges and the increase in the carbon footprint. “The footprint will certainly be bigger, but it’s a bet on the future. This kind of initiative (eco-responsible transport) will at some point pay off in terms of carbon footprint. ยป

Participate in #ErasmusDays

Most 5,000 events are organized around the world to make the reality of Erasmus+ known and bring together its various stakeholders. This year, the Erasmus+ agency launched a video challenge (#GuessWherasmus) on social media to guess the fate of your exchange. the influencer to the 380,000 Tik Tok subscribers present at the ErasmusDays launch, Rachel Dmt even lent himself to the game!

Everyone, at their scale, can participate in ErasmusDays, witnessing their experience or future experience in the social networks.

To participate in the Erasmus+ website

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