Erasmus+: three college students share their mobility expertise in Europe

They chose Austria, Ireland or Spain. Jules, Pauline and Julie share their Erasmus experience and give you some keys so you can make the right choice.

Realize the Erasmus+ mobility during the second year of studies: they dreamed it, they did it! Jules, 20, student at UTC Compiègne (60) has joined the six months at Technische Universithe was from Vienna in Austria. Pauline, 21, with a LEA (Foreign Languages ​​Applied) license in Arras (62), also settled abroad for six months, at the Sligo Institute of Technology in Ireland. As for Julie, 20 years old, Spanish license student (LLCCER) in Lille (59), directing the University of Seville in Spain for an entire year.

For the three of them, it was the desire for change, independence and above all the desire to improve their second language that led them to live this experience.

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Choose your Erasmus+ country according to language

The three students are unanimous, the essential criterion for going to Erasmus is to progress in the language you are studying. This was Pauline’s main motivation, disappointed with her qualification, which she imagined centered on practice. The choice of country was then made according to your wishes : “I wanted to go to an English-speaking country in Northern Europe, but because of Brexit, I couldn’t go to Scotland.” His choice, therefore, fell on Ireland.

For Julie and Jules, the goal was to improve their oral fluency to better complement their training and skills. Julie hesitated between Spain and Latin America, and finally the proximity to France that reassured her for this first experience. While Jules preferred to bet on a country he already knew from having visited him when he was younger on vacation: Austria.

Passionate about encounters and discoveries, Jules chose Vienna, capital of Austria, to carry out his Erasmus+ mobility. // © Photos provided by the witness

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The financial aspect, an essential criterion for international mobility

In addition to language, financial criteria also seem to be decisive in choosing your Erasmus+ destination. If you hesitate between several countries or cities, the cost of living can be decisive. Inform yourself well before leaving.

Especially about the cost of housing. Jules favored the Austrian capital for its low cost of living: “The price of housing was not very expensive”. As well as transport, since with just one hundred euros he was able to access the city’s public transport for six months.

Pauline, who had gone to a much more expensive country, Ireland, asked about the financial aid available, as well as Erasmus+ grants. She recommends working in the summer to save money. “to be able to enjoy on the spot without tightening your belt!”

Another tip: choose a city that is not the capital. In Seville, where Julie came from, the cost of living is about three times cheaper than in Madrid, with little difference in quality of life. So many “small” differences that can be useful in choosing your destination.

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Courses, environment, meetings, living environment: each with its own criteria

But many other criteria can be important when choosing the Erasmus+ destination of your dreams. Pauline was especially looking to follow captivating courses in a place where she could be serene and disoriented. Ireland’s sublime landscapes convinced her and the courses lived up to her expectations. According to her, the teachersThey are very attentive and appreciate the classes very much.. The city of Sligo also made her want to settle there: “I feel safe there. I went out to bars and clubs a lot and was never afraid to go home alone.”

Jules, however, wanted to make beautiful encounters and live new experiences abroad. Surrounded by mountains and lakes, Vienna completely seduced him. A lively town where you can go for walks in the surroundings or “drink beers in front of the church of Saint-Charles-Borromée”. To get to know people during confinement, the student had his own method: “As the weather was good and we were entitled to sports activities, I bought a basketball and played all over the place. Vienna”. This allowed him to discover new places and meet other foreign students.

A goal also shared by Julie. Choosing to have a roommate was one of her best decisions. meet people and create strong friendships with Spaniards. Seville also allowed him to have a true student life full of activities and places to visit: “Often, at night, we could land on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, where many young people used to meet. These are very good memories.”

As you may have understood, even if there are as many criteria as there are students, the objective of mobility always remains the same: bloom and leave with unforgettable memories. So, whatever your criteria and your destination, get started!

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