a mission thought of by many Vietnamese college students

At the Hanoi School of Civil Engineering, the “Study in France” forum was held on Thursday, 28 July.

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The “Study in France 2022” forum took place on July 28 at the Hanoi School of Civil Engineering.

The “Study in France” forum, an opportunity for high school students and students to project themselves in French higher education. “Events like ours today are there for students to obtain preliminary information and to germinate the idea of ​​going to study in France”, explains Professor Dinh Hông Vân, dean of the French Department at the University of Languages ​​and International Studies. “France and Europe are recognized for the demand and seriousness of their universities, it is a guarantee of quality for Vietnamese students”he explains.

Practical advice, details of administrative formalities, warning about the difficulties potentially encountered in the place: a small group of students who have already done a university exchange in France give complete feedback to an amphitheater of attentive students. “This forum helped us to get an overview of what it’s like to study in France”, testifies Binh, from high school Kim Liên. She and her group of friends, all in their final year, have the ambition to study in Paris.

Your comrade Thay, for example, wants to start studying art: “What attracts me most about France is the cultural wealth of the country”. But other more realistic considerations also come into play. “Fees are also lower than elsewhere and international students can benefit from financial aid, it is a significant issue for my family”he points.

Indeed, “France is one of the countries that has had a mobility policy developed for years”, specifies Florent Ménard, responsible for the Service Campus France at national level, a service under the French embassy. And analyze: “Even if other countries attract students like the United States, Australia or Japan, the fact that higher education is of high quality and at an affordable price in France plays a big role for families. In addition, the country has historical proximity to Vietnam, which helps it maintain a certain attractiveness.”

Since 2005, Service Campus France has allowed Vietnamese students to apply to French universities through a dematerialized procedure. Students apply by submitting a Curriculum Vitae and must justify a coherent study project. There are around 6,000 students coming to study in France, a slightly lower number since the COVID-19 epidemic. An opportunity to benefit from an enriching and useful professional experience, such as for Ai Linh, currently at the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, who, starting in September, will complete a master’s degree in international trade in Paris. “The field of study I am in requires knowledge of international trade, and this exchange is an opportunity for me to progress on my path”she says.

To Professor Dinh Hông Vân, “we should encourage young people to obtain their diploma abroad, and to stay a few years to gain experience”. this to be able “come back here, to Vietnam, with all the necessary skills to help build and develop our country”concludes.

Text and photos: Jules Bois/CVN

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