11 finest language colleges to be taught English in London

Are you ready to speak English like a native? Want to make friends all over the world?

Learning English in London, England, can get you there.

We research the best language schools so you don’t have to. Find the school that best fits your needs, apply online and you’re done!

London is a city rich in culture and history. According to Urbanest, London’s most famous landmark, Big Ben, is supposedly called the Clock Tower. Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside.

The Queen lives part of the year at Buckingham Palace. When she is home, you can see the royal flag flying on the pole. London has over 170 museums, from the massive British Museum to the tiny Fan Museum in Greenwich.

English is the official language, or enjoys special status, in more than 75 countries, representing a total population of two billion people. Oxford lexicographer Penny Silva estimates that one in four people in the world speaks English with some degree of proficiency.

Guides to the best schools to learn English

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1. Nacell ESL

Many Nacel ESL students come on personal recommendation, while some more ambitious students become regular Nacel students and take higher level language courses each year. This English school in London is accredited for teaching English in the UK. Nacel ESL also offers courses and helps you pass IELTS exams.

The Nacel group’s online reputation has also allowed them to offer activities and accommodation for students arriving at the school.

2. São Jorge International

St George International is a leading English school in London. For nearly 60 years, she has taught highly individualized classes to students around the world. Its location in central London (the West End) makes it an excellent choice for learning English in the English language. The school has classrooms and a quiet self-study area with wifi available throughout the building.


TELC UK English School in London will help you improve your English skills for university studies, career advancement and personal enrichment. TELC UK offers a range of intensive and part-time courses to suit your needs, taught by experienced and dedicated professionals with advanced degrees. You will also have the opportunity to participate in cultural and social activities organized by TELC UK so that you can use English in real-life situations. TELC UK is located in North London, approximately 20 minutes from the city’s main attractions.

4. London School of English

The London School of English has over 100 years of experience teaching English to adults. Course content is tailored to your needs and is as close to individual training as you can get in a group setting. They deliver results based on your goals and provide a memorable experience and clear results.

5. International Language Studies

LSI London Central is located right in the heart of the city, in the bustling and vibrant area known as the West End. The British Museum, Oxford Street shopping and Soho’s entertainment district are all within walking distance. LSI Language School has excellent facilities for studying English, including a computer room with free internet access, a library and a student lounge. It offers a wide range of English programs, including TOEFL preparation courses and Cambridge English assessment courses.

6. CE London 30+

EC London 30+ is a popular English school for adults over 30. Improve your English with students from all over the world, in courses designed for mature learners. There are plenty of social activities to help you make the most of your time in London, such as group tours to fun and interesting places like the Whitechapel Gallery and Camden Market. Academic extras are offered to complement the course, including participation in lectures, pronunciation clinic and conversation class. With so much to do in this iconic city, you will be inspired to make the most of this English course for adults.

7. Delfin School of English

Delfin English School in London offers a fun and educational English learning experience. She wants her students to feel part of something special, something different. At Delfin, you will do more than learn another language, you will become part of the worldwide family of “Definers”! Delfin’s range of sports and social programs gives you the opportunity to experience all the great things London has to offer, plus plenty of opportunities to speak English outside of the classroom.

8. Talk to London

Speak Up London is an English school located on one of the capital’s most famous streets, Oxford Street. This is a growing language school, accredited by the British Council for teaching English. Speak Up London also has the advantage of being a Cambridge University ESOL exam preparation centre. The groups are small and the classrooms are modern, bright and colorful, all equipped with projectors and multimedia devices.

9. International House London

Since 2007, International House London has been located in Covent Garden in purpose-built premises. It is the largest single-site language school in London. The campus has 56 classrooms, student computer rooms, a digital language lab where students can practice pronunciation, a cafe and a library with over 10,000 books and periodicals. Each year, International House London educates 8,000 students from over 150 countries.

10. Regent

Regent was one of the first English school groups in the UK. The first school, Regent London, was founded in 1964 by a passionate British Council teacher, David Mariano, who wanted to run a real school, with good teachers and good classes, in contrast to the poorly organized schools he had seen with his peers. own eyes.

11. St Giles International

This English school in central London occupies a beautiful century-old building in the heart of trendy Bloomsbury. It is located opposite Russell Square and just a 5-minute walk from the British Museum. From this ideal location, it’s easy for students to explore the capital. London’s famous landmarks are within walking distance and there are excellent transport links. St Giles London Central School is a large, lively and international school. It is perfect for students who want to benefit from modern study facilities and enjoy all that the capital has to offer.

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