King Charles III: the person behind the crown

On September 8, Queen Elizabeth II died, passing the torch to King Charles III. His 73-year-old son, Charles Philip Arthur George, was sworn in in the following days as King of England. Portrait of the new monarch.

By Sarah-Kate Dallaire

his journey

First child of Elizabeth II, then husband of the popular Lady Diana Spencer and finally father of Princes William and Harry, King Charles III and now King, Charles III has several new titles such as Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Head of the Commonwealth. The king is used to various titles; from the age of three, he became heir to the newly crowned queen, Elizabeth II. At the same time, the young prince became the Duke of Cornwall, in accordance with the royal charter established by King Edward III (1312-1377).

Unlike many royals who preferred to be educated at home – or rather, at the palace – the young prince however followed in his father’s footsteps, and attended various schools such as Hill House School in West London and Cheam School in London. Berkshire. It was during his visit to Cheam that the Queen crowned him Prince of Wales when he was just nine years old – however, it was not until he was 20 that he was officially invested with this title. At the same time, he enrolled at Cambridge University to study archeology and anthropology, but eventually decided to change his field of study to complete his degree in history.

Subsequently, as military service was mandatory as part of his duties as Prince of Wales, Charles applied to become a pilot in the Royal Air Force. Thus he began his naval career, inspired by the men of the royal family who preceded him. He then served on the missile destroyer HMS Norfolk before becoming a helicopter pilot for Squadron 845 of the Naval Air Force. On his return from the naval force, the prince dedicates himself to community and social activities and, notably, becomes the leader of more than 400 organizations related mainly to military groups, golf and opera (a royal body).

Recently, he has mostly been seen at his mother’s bedside or at charity events that she was no longer able to attend, which has also eased the transition, with the son increasingly visible in the public sphere before taking the throne.

what makes you different

For several years, King Charles III was criticized for the transparency of his positions on certain political issues. It was not the issues in question that sowed controversy, but the taking of a position that went against the principles of the reserved and cautious royal family. Often considered an “activist”, he also openly supported the fight against climate change and fox hunting, arming troops in Iraq while supporting the democratization of alternative medicine in the Commonwealth and the improvement of the English healthcare system.

King Charles III is also sensitive to issues affecting architecture, art in general, rural communities and the environment. His positions earned him the title of lobbyist for the British government, thanks to his influential memos addressed to British leaders, ministers and politicians. On this, he defended himself by arguing that while it might seem like interference – which, between you and me, it probably is – he had a habit of defying “accepted wisdom”.

a controversial legacy

In addition to being one of the highest-paid royals, the new king inherits his mother’s fortune of around $500 million. This represents only a small part of the royal fortune estimated at 28 billion, not counting the part of the royal family’s personal inheritance that remains private. The king also inherits several properties and assets with a cumulative value of around $42 billion. Although these goods do not belong to him personally, being the “head of the crown”, they will be in the possession of King Charles III until the end of his reign. Among these assets, we find among others a series of estates and palaces worth $72 million to $4.9 billion.

So, if England is not spared by the cost-of-living crisis that hits the entire world, the king, he, has just inherited one of the greatest fortunes in the world, an inheritance on which he will not pay taxes. Indeed, due to an agreement about property transfersone ruler to another signed in 1993 with the British government, royalty escape it.

Finally, we turn to the king, who has so far lived quite discreetly, and we wait to see what his reign has in store for us with the only certainty that Charles III could not exceed his mother’s longevity in longevity. Looks like she took the philosopher’s stone with her.


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