Morocco-Israel: Mohammed VI Polytechnic College indicators a cooperation settlement with Bar Ilan College

A multidisciplinary scientific cooperation agreement on energy issues was signed, Thursday, September 29, 2022, at the Center for Energy and Sustainable Development in Tel Aviv, between the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and the Israeli University of Bar Ilan .

The agreement concerns the establishment of a research platform for academic cooperation with the participation of the two academic institutions, namely in areas related to clean energies, namely hydrogen, recycling, solar energy and energy transmission.

Speaking on this occasion, the Minister of Education of Israel, Yifat Shasha-Biton, said that Morocco and Israel are establishing fruitful cooperation relations in various political, cultural, economic and tourist areas, stressing that this agreement will contribute to the strengthening of cooperation in the field of academic training and scientific research, in order to make better use of the potential available to both countries.

She also highlighted the importance of the agreement to develop solutions in the field of green energy and to ensure that university systems are more interested in environmental issues that constitute important challenges for the future.

Mrs. Shasha-Biton also pointed out that, as part of Israel’s emphasis on environmental and climate issues, educational reforms were introduced this year, making the teaching of environmental issues a mandatory subject throughout the school career, with the aim of making tackling change. climate a commitment and a social responsibility.

In turn, the head of Morocco’s liaison office in Israel, Abderrahim Bayoudh, welcomed the signing of this agreement, which adds to many others recently concluded by the two countries in various areas, such as agriculture and technology.

He also praised the dynamism of academic cooperation between the two countries, recalling the colloquium organized last November on Jewish law, which was a great success and paved the way for several meetings on the topic that were organized in Morocco.

The diplomat also expressed the desire for university cooperation to have broader horizons to strengthen university exchanges and benefit from common experiences in various scientific and academic fields.

For his part, Hicham El Habti, president of UM6P, considered that this agreement represents an important opportunity for Moroccan academics to work with their Israeli counterparts to develop academic relations between the two countries.

In this regard, he added that the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University will provide young graduates from both countries with the opportunity to work together, stressing that scientific research in the field of energy is of the utmost importance, since “energy is the future, and therefore, we will focus our efforts on deepening university cooperation in this field.”

As for Ari Zaban, president of Bar-Ilan University, he stressed the importance of the agreement as it mainly concerns the energy sector, noting that the world consumes 175,000 terabytes of oil, which means that it burns 273 million barrels a day, or 190 thousand barrels per minute.

He added that the amount of carbon dioxide the world sends into the atmosphere is estimated at 35 gigatons per year, or 66 kilotons per minute of emissions, or the equivalent of what 4,400 trucks can contain in carbon that is emitted every minute in the world. atmosphere.

“We are destroying the universe, so energy is the great challenge we have today”, he said, noting that “energy is today a great challenge of the war in Europe, but it can be a cause of peace. This agreement signed with Moroccan academics aims to develop scientific solutions to this problem.”

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