Fewer college students on the College of Reims

Urca’s workforce is shrinking a bit, which allows the establishment to take a breather and focus on its big ambition: the bioeconomy.

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After several years of significant increase, the number of students at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (Urca) continues to decline. The -3.7% estimate brings the number of registrants to around 28,000 from 28,500 last year. “This drop is explained by a decrease in the number of graduates linked to the evolution of demography”specifies Guillaume Gellé, president of Urca.

The number of employees decreased in the faculties of science (-8.5%), economics (-7%), letters (-5%), in the Ardennes of the Eisine engineering school (-6.8%) and in the IUT (- 16% in Charleville). On the other hand, numbers are growing at the teacher training institutes (Inspe) in Charleville (+30%) and Chaumont (+25%) and at the Urca teaching center (+4%). In the other sectors, the workforce is constant, especially in the traditionally most sought after disciplines, such as law and sport (staps).

“Our university is well calibrated to receive around 24,000 students. We’ve been accelerating too much for a few years now, so this drop is not an issue”, says the president. There are 1,450 professors-researchers. An employment campaign is being prepared, although it is not known how many recruitments will result: “We plan to discuss this on October 15th. »

The great bioeconomic ambition

The bioeconomy is more than ever the great ambition of the University of Reims. Obtaining, this summer, 21 million euros of funding within the scope of a call for projects, will significantly start the search for this site of the future. “Urca is already a reference in bioeconomy. In less than ten years, the ambition is to become THE reference », expects Guillaume Gellé. Two new courses are strengthening the sector: a university degree in biotechnology, chemistry and bioeconomics (bac+1) and a professional bachelor’s degree in bio-industries and biotechnology (bac+3).

The work of the professors-researchers is to teach at Urca, and not just on Tuesdays and Thursdays

The race for cinemas at the Red Cross

Like last year, the start of the new school year was marked by problems with the availability of rooms on the Red Cross campus, causing classes to be cancelled. It is the eco-science students who would have suffered the most. “There are indeed some shortcomings. We are working to resolve them. We closed the prefabs that housed the classes. As a result, it was necessary to manage room allocation as closely as possible. On this subject, I note that there is never a problem with rooms on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. I remind research professors that their job is to teach at Urca and not just on Tuesdays and Thursdays”face Guillaume Gellé. “Some mindsets take time to change. I think the room allocation system will definitely be operational in the second half of the year. The problem should no longer arise with every return. »

fragile finances

The university’s finances are not in the red, but they raise some concerns. “There are unknowns. We do not know, for example, how the increase in the index point of +3.5% of agents will be compensated. The State plans to compensate for this increase through its allocation in 2023 but it does not seem to have anything planned for 2022. It will be difficult to cope with this, especially as it adds to other increases, not to mention the cost of energy. »

energy cost

As we have already written, Urca will not make its students work remotely to save heat. However, an energy sobriety plan is planned. “Our goal is to achieve a 10% reduction in our energy consumption in two years compared to 2019 and reduce it by 40% by 2050.” The annual bill is increasing: “It was 3.6 million in 2021, it is estimated at 5.1 million in 2022 and 8.2 million in 2023.”

next properties

This year, several new buildings will be delivered, including the following: next December the new wing of the health center that will host, in particular, dental medicine students, on July 23 the new building of the Escola Superior de Engenharia (ESIReims), in May 2024 the new construction of the sports faculty (Staps), the agro-digital center in 2024, early 2025, the Open Sciences Lab’Z financed with equity in March 2025. The island of knowledge in Châlons, already delivered, will be inaugurated coming soon.

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