College: a well-known ex-minister returns to being a professor of regulation in Assas!

The University of Assas welcomes a new professor. This year, Jean-Michel Blancquer will teach the first years.

After a career as a minister, a politician made the decision to become a professor of law in Assas. A new job that will likely make many college students happy. MCE TV says it all from A to Z!

the university closes

The end of 2022 promises to be complicated for Europeans. In fact, the increase in the price of energy leads the latter to save money.

But while homes look ready for a harsh winter, businesses and schools are also worried. In fact, the university is not spared.

To solve this problem, the Strasbourg campus therefore decided to implement short, medium and long term actions. Anyway, this is what Michel Deneken explained recently, President of the University of Strasbourgthis Monday, September 19, 2022.

He intends to extend the closure of the facilities. But also limit the temperature. In addition, he wants to delay the start of heating as much as possible and bring forward the shutdown date.

The goal is to keep the temperature at 19 degrees. And that’s not all! The latter also announced the closure of the university for another two weeks this winter.

“The first week of January will be a closing week. With therefore 4 days off for students (holidays from Friday 16th December in the evening to Monday 9th January in the morning). No classes will be provided. »

“The start of the school year will take place on Monday, January 9. A 2nd week of closure will occur during the February school holidays, depending on buildings and activities. »

So that’s what he wants to put in place. One thing is for sure, it’s that the students of this university will have a special year. A blow that comes just after the health crisis. MCE TV says more!

A former minister in Assas

In any case, and despite the decision of the University of Strasbourglooks like Assas is about to get a new teacher.

And not just anyone! In fact, he is a former minister. Good news for young people. It is this Friday, September 30, 2022 that Jean-Michel Blancquer is back.

He will teach right. And for his new job, he chose to adopt a very specific look. Hey yes. The former minister opted for a plaid cap, a pair of round glasses and a black polo shirt.

According to latest news posted by RTLhe must guarantee 4 lectures in the early years from the University of Assas. one carries on Constitutional Law Institutions and Tutorials.

our colleagues report that students find the former minister joking. But that is not all ! He is also kind and strict.

Anyway, one thing is certain, is that after his position in the government, Jean-Michel Blanquer managed to get back on his feet. a career change was necessary after the defeat of the politician to the legislative elections in Montargis.

It remains, therefore, to see if the year will live up to your expectations. Case to follow… And very closely.

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