Vital help for instructional innovation and motion analysis within the Caribbean

The Agence universitaire de la Francophonie in the Caribbean has selected six training and action research projects, thanks to three calls published during the first half of 2022: Innovative Diploma Training (FDI), Short Professional Training (FCP) and Research-share (AR ) . These projects, evaluated by academic members of the Caribbean Regional Commission of Economic and Scientific Experts (CREEEs), will receive financial support for 12 months, starting in September 2022.

About twenty projects were reviewed by CREES Caribbean, which ultimately selected six of them. Presented by universities in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica, they cover subject areas as diverse as sports management, educational sciences, teaching history, the environment or biotechnology. These projects are all based on cooperation between different institutions and offer innovative solutions to educational or scientific problems in areas crucial to the development of the Caribbean.

The AUF Strategy 2021-2025 considers educational innovation and action research as two major priorities to be promoted. In this perspective, several initiatives have already been carried out to create a dynamic in these fields, linking AUF member universities in the Caribbean.

Call for Innovative Diploma Training (FDI)

Project Caribbean Professional Master’s in High Performance Sports Management (MPCEHP)
main building University of the West Indies (Jamaica)
subject sports management
Owner and partners Sharmella Roopchand Martin
partners University of the West Indies, Resource Center for Sport Specialization and Performance (CREPS Guyana) French Embassy in Jamaica, National Institute of Sport Specialization
Financing of the AUF €15,000
Project Support for the establishment of a master’s degree in distance education and digital pedagogy (AMEDIPEN)
main building University Institute for Executive Training, INUFOCAD (Haiti)
subject Education sciences
operator Vijonet Demoro
partners University of Quebec at Rimouski (UQAR), University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR)
Financing of the AUF €15,000

Call for Short-Term Professional Courses (FCP)

Project Short-term training project in History Teaching for sixty (60) History teachers (PFEH)
main building Haiti State University (Haiti)
subject History
operator Kenrick Demesvar
partners UNESCO Chair in History and Heritage, Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training, École Normale Supérieure d’Haiti
Financing of the AUF €10,000
Project Training in digital tools and pedagogy for distance education (FEAD-uniQ)
main building Quisqueya University (Haiti)
subject Education sciences
operator Sybille Colimon
Partner Web2Learn
Financing of the AUF €10,000

Call for Action Research (RA)

Project Improvements in Rehabilitation Technologies to Promote Community Health and Well-Being in Cuba (ATRCC)
main building University of the East (Cuba)
subject Biotechnology, IT, Telecommunications, Medicine
operator Alberto Lopes Delis
Financing of the AUF €15,000

Project Horticulture and Waste Management for a Sustainable Future (HOMARFUS)
main building UNAPEC (Dominican Republic)
Subjects Tourism, Health, Agrifood, Biotechnology
operator Rivera Emin
Partner Punta Cana Group Foundation (FGPC)
Financing of the AUF €15,000

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