The College of the Third Age prepares for its return

The University of the Elderly of the Victoriaville branch and its region presents its program of activities for the fall of 2022. The course and conference offering is aimed at people aged 50 and over who have free time and who are always driven by a great thirst for knowledge.

Remember that no training or skills are required to apply and that courses and conferences do not involve work or exams. Curiosity, the desire to know and understand are the main motivations of the participants.

Interested parties can follow the activities in person at one of our two service points: Victoriaville and Plessisville.

a diversified program

The Fall 2022 program invites students to take a look at history, politics, art, language and literature, all taught by passionate resource people.


In Victoriaville, two courses will be held at the Alcide-Fleury library:

-the modern and contemporary history of Japan, from 1600 to the present, by Carl Déry, which will cover a variety of topics, including geography, culture, economy and international relations;

-and Central America, Social Crisis and Immigration in the 21st Century by Ernesto Molina, who will try to clarify the reasons why undocumented immigrants cross borders to reach the United States. What are they running from? Do they have other alternatives?

In Plessisville, a course will be given at the Linette-Jutras-Laperle library:

Students will be delighted to see Gaëtan St-Arnaud again with Le Québec from time to time; Mr. St-Arnaud will present key moments in Quebec’s history: the natives, the fur trade, the English regime, the country priest, the first settlers in the Bois-Francs, to name a few.

Conferences in Victoriaville and Plessisville

Quebec Election 2022 Editions by Daniel Landry; a few weeks before the provincial elections, Mr. Landry will paint a portrait of the forces present, identifying the ideologies and orientations of each political party.

Beautiful Quebec French expressions explained simply by Pierre Martel: he will enlighten students about the meaning and origin of certain Quebec expressions still used today.

When Photographic Art Engages by Guy Tremblay; this conference will address the notion of committed photography based on examples and a series of his photos.

Marie Laberge, her theater and her dramaturgy by Anne Millaire who will discover the human, feminine, social and political sensibilities found there.

Finally, a conference will be offered only in Victoriaville, namely, United States/China/Russia – hegemonic rivalry of the 21st century: three situations by Donald Cuccioletta who will talk about this rivalry between the United States, China and Russia that is accelerating. This three-way struggle pushes us towards a new world order, but the question remains: who will have hegemony?

A more complete description of the Fall 2022 schedule for the UTA branch in Victoriaville and its region is now available on the Université de Sherbrooke website at the following address:


Applications are made online and will be held on Monday, August 29, starting at 9 am. To apply, complete the form found at

available seats

The number of places for activities is no longer limited. Thus, in Victoriaville, there are 42 places available for courses at the Alcide-Fleury library and 75 places for conferences at the Charles-Édouard-Mailhot library. As for the Linette-Jutras-Laperle library in Plessisville, classes can accommodate 40 people and conferences 90 people.

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