Summer time in Loir-et-Cher: A Summer time College and Peltier’s Candy Phrases

While most French people enjoy their summer holidays under the sun, from the Côte d’Azur for some, the former deputy from Loir-et-Cher ex-LR embellishes this sunny parenthesis by vociferating precisely against a parliamentarian from the Côte d’Azur. Beach atmosphere, seafood… with shellfish claws ready to squeeze, no doubt to set the tone for the new school year and your suitcase full of politicized commitments.

By Emilie Rencien

It is a long way off this September 2021 when Guillaume Peltier toasted early in the morning with the right-handed Xavier Bertrand and the president Udi of the Department of Loir-et-Cher, Philippe Gouet, in the valley of Cher… c Emilie Rencien

There are no elections in sight, but that does not prevent the political sphere from doing its homework in “summer copy” mode, despite a vacation period more conducive to the “summer body”. Here are your postcards! On the agenda, in advance, the Socialist Party Summer Campus will once again pitch its tent for debates and ideas on the banks of the Loire in Blois, as usual since 2020. It will be discussed from 26 to 28 August 2022 according to your political organizers ” hasafter this election year, to work both on the identity of the PS, its future and its place at the center of the meeting of the left and ecologists. » The First National Secretary, Olivier Faure, deputy from Seine-et-Marne, will also make a speech as usual.

Guest level, no immediate details. It is not certain that the first vice president of the Center-Val de Loire region and PS mayor in Blois, Marc Gricourt, will still receive Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, after the presidential defeat. Perhaps, instead, the former President of the Republic, François Hollande, who, after the famous scooter episode, would come to try Blois’ electric scooters? With the NUPES alliance, I’m not sure either. Will Blois finally be the scene of the long-awaited Renaissance? During this time, a Reconquista is being refined, also aborted, but still eagerly awaited: another Summer University is indeed emerging on the far right side, but not in Blois or even in Sologne. The opportunity to hear the Loir-et-Chérien Guillaume Peltier… Coming soon Varois?

Between cicadas and ants

Replay: at the time of the campaign for the legislative elections, the departmental adviser of Chambord, former number 2 of the republicans, Guillaume Peltier, thinking of keeping his seat as deputy, had announced, no doubt trying to suck up votes in his favor in towards the polls, “the return in September or October, of course, the Violet Festival in Sologne. » Yes, but where? And then, with whom? Because the gentleman, once on the right called “strong” and “tough” but still republican, no longer reaps anything in the sarkozyista or LR camp that owns this propaganda party… No one has forgotten that Mr. Peltier put his plows at the beginning of the year in the “Reconquista” meadow, which inevitably involves shifting nights.

A month later, MEP Nicolas Bay in Salbris, at the end of February 2022, in the company of Guillaume Peltier still preaching the extreme word in his land in Sologne. and Emilie Rencien

A new agreement confirmed by a communication that fell on 22 July 2022: Éric Zemmour will set up his camp in the department of Var on 10 and 11 September, around a core of generals Marion Maréchal, Nicolas Bay, Sarah Knafo and Stanislas Rigault. Finally, more precisely, in the Lineau private domain located between Vinon-sur-Verdon and Gréoux-Les-Bains. The party’s website states:a village of association stands and local products, conferences and activities for the little ones (…), a “Provençal domain with the cicadas singing under the radiant sun of the Var and the Alpes de Haute Provence. » Guillaume Peltier, who remains the right-hand man, spokesperson and winning first vice president, will obviously join her and so he doesn’t have time for a “sea, sex and sun”. The small violet comes out of the roadsides of Solognote, being the Var quite identified as the main land in the production of cut flowers…. Anyway, floriculture is a thing of the past. In his social networks, former deputy Solognot bets on other seeds: “The Reconquista will not be the party of flowers, stuffed animals and candles. The reconquest will be the part of order and justice provided to the victims. »

But no flower for the new enemy Ciotti

So, at the beginning of the school year, will the cicadas scream in hunger in the face of the ants who will be very happy about it? Anyway, Mr. Peltier sings all summer long. He speaks online: “Do not listen to those who tell you that all is lost. Don’t listen to those who try to divide us. Don’t listen to anyone who thinks you are illegitimate.” he chants online. “But listen to what the History of France teaches you (…). We will need the vital forces, the courageous, the patriots, all those who know how to place the French ideal and the common good above their own interests. Of all those who wish to serve their country through concrete actions, political training, communication, culture, influence, conviction, urgency and love. » He cleans up the Southern Riviera, sets the scene, believes in it. A great election year is coming to an end, but for Reconquête, an epic is beginning”. he guarantees. In fact, he no longer sends flowers or sweet words to the LR deputy for the Alpes-Maritimes, Éric Ciotti, but on the other hand, many grains of sand in his towel in the eyes of this yesterday’s friend who has become today’s enemy.

The rag burns between the two men who make themselves drink from the chalice. He forgot the months of October and November 2021, when Peltier, dropping his first right-wing card, Xavier Bertrand, decided that the LR congress would finally vote in the first round for Ciotti, who in turn revealed choosing Zemmour instead of Macron… In the summer, the tide turned, fanning another will-o’-the-wisp: Mr. Ciotti prefers to steer clear of the siren of the French Zemmourist ideal, as reported by our Nice Matin colleagues. Mr. Peltier asserts “disappointed and outraged at a false debate (and a man) where he thought he saw a rare form of solidity in politics”, strongly urging you to ” to recover “clamoring for legislative conspiracy, denouncing with the back of a mirror, “opportunism”. Mr. Ciotti is esteemed, “shocked by Éric Zemmour’s positions on Pétain that are not in line with historical reality”adding and that “has nothing to learn from Peltier. (…) The only question is when will he betray Zemmour.”. In January 2022, parliamentarian Ciotti, who supported Valérie Pécresse on the right, was already shouting loud and clear at the RMC, his “disappointment with Guillaume Peltier’s not very solid loyalty and betrayal”

Faced with this decoration of a basket of crabs, there in Blois where other freshwater fish swim, the president of the urban community Agglopolys Blais, the socialist Christophe Degruelle, confided in us amused, evoking the overwhelming heat wave, particularly the Loir-et- Cher this July, which is known to “Centre-Val de Loire is the Côte d’Azur of the Valois. » In terms of the political climate, there is a link and we are in fact closer to the assassination of the Duke of Guise than to the postcard… in mid-September from the benches of the Departmental Council, monopolized by a Provencal preaching trip, outside the borders of his lands located in the south initially… those of Sologne, in Loir-et-Cher, where “his beauty”, as he names his pregnant companion on his Facebook and his dog Milo are waiting for him.

What still guarantees the press to darken the pages of the vacation notebooks, and even back to school.

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