Focused interventions on the proper time – Information

It is important to diagnose cancer at the right time to maximize the patient’s chances of survival. Several medical advances, including abdominal imaging, have notably led to the early diagnosis of various types of urological cancers, such as kidney cancer, giving the impression of having taken a giant step towards their cure. However, early detection … Read more

Genius within the air – Information

Professor David RancourtPhoto: UdeS – Michel Caron When engineering mixes with aeronautics, it makes for beautiful projects. This is even more true when the environmental component enters the equation. Maintaining aircraft performance and reducing their environmental impact is the mission that David Rancourt, professor of mechanical engineering, and his research teams have set out to … Read more

What is occurring within the US…

What is happening in the United States these days is downright disturbing. Donald Trump is no longer president. But Trumpism is still alive. Trumpism is even healthier. Posted on December 5th 2021 Trumpism? It is a political thought that can be summarized as follows: the end justifies the means, in fact everything is justified, even … Read more

“Historic for Australia”… NASA launches from the hinterland

A special moment for the island-continent’s space industry. NASA’s first spaceflight from a commercial location outside the United States took off Sunday night from the Australian Outback. This is the first of three flights planned in total from the Arnhem Space Center (Northern Australia). The rocket, which carries a small space telescope described as a … Read more

Chronicles of a left-handed hairdresser | The press

What better place to dig into your subjects’ heads than a hair salon? As part of a research project, Montreal sociologist Barbara Thériault trades her books for a comb and scissors. She heads towards Halle-sur-Saale, Germany, where she will study its inhabitants in the coming months. Haircut included. Posted at 11 am. Lea Carrier The … Read more

a very intimate investigation of the legendary commissioner (on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD)

Artistic note: (3.5/5) Synopsis Maigret investigates the death of a young woman. There is nothing that identifies her, no one seems to have known her or remembered her. He meets a delinquent, who strangely resembles the victim, and awakens in him the memory of another disappearance, older and more intimate… • Original title: Maigret• Media … Read more

Scientific information in small doses

A few milligrams of all the science news of the week Posted at 1pm. Mathieu Perreault The press questioned opioids Opioids prescribed at home after surgery do more harm than good, according to a new Montreal study. From a meta-analysis of 47 studies, physiologists at McGill University found that prescribing opioids externally was not associated … Read more

Sergei Shevchenko, the basements of freedom

He has been living under his desk for several months. Sergey Shevchenko, 55, is still sleeping in the basements of Irpin University, near Kyiv, with locals and a few students. The site serves as both a dormitory and a food distribution center in a city that still bears the scars of recent fighting. And if … Read more

Stigmatized late motherhood | The press

When they have children at an advanced age, women are responsible for their difficulty conceiving and (mostly) for the risks they pose to the fetus. At least that’s what emerges from the mainstream discourse around late motherhood, says Francesca Scala, a professor of political science at Concordia University. She has just published an article on … Read more