Blanquer: Assas president denies any preferential remedy

Defeated in the legislative elections, the former Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer could obtain a position at the Parisian university Panthéon-Assas.

Former Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, defeated in the legislative elections, is expected to enter the University of Paris-Panthéon-Assas in Paris. A position would be offered to him within the public law department.

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According to AFP, which confirms information frommediapart and chained duckthe president of the University of Paris-Panthéon-Assas Stéphane Braconnier sent a message to professors in the public law department. “I was asked, he explains there, moreover, consider the possibility of welcoming the ex-minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, agrégé in public law in 1996 and a specialist in constitutional law and comparative public law, to our university.”. The president of the prestigious Parisian university defends the “unusual, even exceptional, nature of the request”which is said to have been “grabbed”without specifying the origin of this reference.

A few days ago, the former tenant of the rue de Grenelle confessed in an interview with BFMTV that he was ready to exercise his original profession again. “I am a teacher, it will be a pleasure to teach”confided.

The university will benefit from your contacts

Still in the message transmitted by AFP, Braconnier specifies that the“possible arrival” by Jean-Michel Blancquer “at the University of Paris Panthéon-Assas would take the form of a transfer from the University of Paris 3, where it was stationed (Editor’s note: he taught there since 1998 before becoming dean in Guyana and Créteil)in a dedicated and newly created work, which would be definitively acquired at the university”. “This possibility, which I am in favor of, seems to me to be studied carefully, because it is likely to bring certain advantages to the University of Paris Panthéon-Assas”says the president.

According to him, “the presidency can benefit from Mr. Blancquer’s contacts and institutional expertise” and “This would be particularly valuable at a time when several large-scale projects are being launched, some of which require a lot of support (…)”.

However, Mr. Braconnier denies having responded to a “request” abroad, adding that“There is no job creation ad hoc It’s not planned”, in a press release of June 21st.

Teacher unions see red

“There is at least one issue of non-compliance with regulatory procedures: this position is not profiled, there is no consultation… It is a confusing advertisement that makes us indignant”Anne Roger, general secretary of the SNESUP-FSU union, reacted to AFP.

She guarantees that “Students urgently need support, but we can’t find it. There, it is enough for a minister to need a post and find one, it is scandalous.”, she added. The SNESUP-FSU states in particular that in ten years, French universities have absorbed more than half a million students, but the recruitment of professors is “historically low”.

Student associations participate

Remember that Jean-Michel Blanquer is no stranger to renowned institutions of higher education, he who directed Essec from 2013 to his appointment to the Ministry of National Education in 2017. His experience and his address book can play in favor of the University Pantheon-Assas. This makes even more surprising the opposition expressed by student representatives such as the association Assas in Progress, which published a protest statement on June 21 denouncing “the recycling of Jean-Michel Blancquer inside the university”. It is above all the five-year tenure of the former tenant of the rue de Grenelle that stands out there, more than his teaching. “Sir. Blanquer hasn’t taught for a long time. But the vacancies are very expensive, there are doctoral students who say they are there, who are waiting for transfers”supports Luna Méhard, signatory of the press release. “The supposed creation of a post raises questions, mainly because the appointments are already made. What Mr. Will Blancer do it at university? What will his missions be?

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