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Each year, the University of Toulon offers nearly 11,000 students general or professional training in a broad disciplinary field.

Although there is no Faculty of Medicine within it, the higher education establishment in Toulon has managed, over the years, to create a para-health training center in partnership with recognized health professionals such as Michel Delage, Cynthia Fleury or Boris Cyrulnik. This is organized around training aimed at professionals already in activity or aimed at people who want to retrain so that they can increase their skills in a given topic. To meet a particular need of society and more particularly of the territory, educational models evolve every year. Today, this training center revolves around 5 University Degrees (DU): · DU Ethology: clinical attachment and family systems Created by Boris Cyrulnik and Michel Delage

“This DU aims at training in the observation of interactions in family ecosystems, having as theoretical axis the most up-to-date knowledge about attachment. It is an interface between Biology, Ethology and Psychology. The teaching is particularly aimed at improving all those for whom the relational dimension of their profession is important: doctors, magistrates, caregivers, educators, teachers. » Michel Delage, psychiatrist and head of education.

· The IUD Accompanying, from procreation to birth Made by Magali Dieux and Pascale Duché – with the participation of Cynthia Fleury (intervener in the IUD) they dream of being. They expect this from work or family, forgetting that nothing can bring us happiness or fulfillment except self-determination. This can be made possible by our ability to embody the values ​​of our future. As this future is no longer realized collectively by a luminous social project or by political or religious ideologies, we only have the path that we can trace through culture and encounters. This IUD proposes to enrich our culture of “perinatal professionals” and experiment with new postures and new communication and monitoring tools that allow us to rediscover pleasure at work and with the family. » Magali Dieux, founder of the association Naître enchantés. Aware of the psychological exhaustion felt by healthcare professionals, educational managers integrated teaching modules this year to allow them to break free and avoid burnout. An approach that will be accentuated from the next school year. · The Child Protection DU Led by Emmanuel Aragon and with the support and participation of Florence Brizio – Head of ODPE – Department of Childhood and Family

Created in partnership with the Department, this University Diploma has the triple objective of equipping professionals interested in specialization, in improving prevention, in supporting families and in the care of children, to establish a common culture between all the partners involved in the field of child protection. .

· DU Palliative Care Supported by Alain Guillotin and Dominique Valliccioni, Physician, Head of the palliative care unit and mobile palliative care team at the Centro Hospitalar Intercomunal de Toulon-La Seyne.

This University Diploma in Palliative Care allows professionals working with end-of-life patients to deepen their knowledge in the field of biomedical sciences and the humanities to develop an approach centered on the person at the end of life, in their family, social and cultural context. .

Opened in Toulon for over 10 years, Palliative Care DU participates in the training of caregivers in the issue of caring for patients in palliative situations. This training is supervised by health professionals and research professors. This diploma allows for an in-depth and innovative reflection on strategies to care for all patients and patients in palliative situations.

Multidisciplinary training addresses all aspects of the palliative approach, whether clinical, legal, ethical or even philosophical. In addition, the diversity of speakers and participants makes it possible to cross the views and experiences of each one.

Two new DUs will open at the start of the 2023 academic year to complete the University of Toulon Paramedic Center:

· The DU Physical Activity and Children: Health and Performance Conducted by Pascale Duché, professor at UFR Staps and researcher at the IAPS laboratory at the University of Toulon problems (obesity, type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular risks, etc.), professionals from the sports world, medical and educational want to know how to lead children to a more active life. Health and the level of physical activity practiced must be apprehended in their permanent interactions. This DU is part of the themes of his research and teachings that have already enabled the creation of Bus Objectif Santé, a mobile escape game for school children in Toulon that aims to promote physical activity through play. The Paralympic DU Conducted by Arnaud Faupin, professor at UFR Staps and researcher in the IAPS laboratory de Paris 2024. The contexts are analyzed in order to understand the brakes and levers of the social environments that make up the performance, through individual characteristics, the identification of talents, the choice of discipline, the impact of rankings, the factors of preferred performances, as well as the role of the actors who oversee them. This DU is intended for professionals supervising athletes with disabilities so that they can better support them in their quest for performance. More information: https://dfpa.univ-tln.fr/formations/diplomes-duniversite/

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